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Youtube SEO Marketing

Youtube SEO Marketing

Combining Youtube Marketing with your SEO web design, and an advanced, automated, branded social network quickly pushes your videos and related web pages into the top ten of the search engine results pages (SERP) for long-tail and geo targeted search phrases. 


Videographer - Web video production


We have produced numerous Youtube videos for a variety of companies through the years. Whether you just need a simple still photography montage or a full scale video production with mulitple camera angles, sound, special effects, music, we can help.


Youtube video production

Youtube video production
Product photography


In addition to videogrpahy we provide traditional photography including product photography, real estate photography and more.


About - Maryland SEO company

Maryland SEO Company

Since 1999 the owner of, Michael Zittel, as been providing comprehsive internet marketing, web design, business development. Though the years his focus has shifted to include and focus on Youtube video production and related marketing combined with web design, social brand marketing, ppc, etc.


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Joomla 3.4 Weblinks - Xmap weblinks' doesn't exist

Recently we did a new install to Joomla 3.4. All was well. After we installed xmap we started getting an error in the admin control panel.  It looked like this.

joomla 3.4 _weblinks' doesn't exist

Turns out Joomla 3.4 no longer installs the previously default Weblinks component, which we never used anyway.  But, apparently, xmap references it.  The easy solution was to install the weblinks component which can be found here.

Just install it, and the error goes away. LLC, a Maryland SEO company,
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