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Hippity Hop Construction Site - Easter Stock Photos

Hippity Hop Construction Site - Easter Photos

Over at our new site, we have add a fun colection of whimsical photos called: Hippity Hop Construction Site. In this series we see toy rabbits and chickens using construction equipment to fill an Easter Basket. The possibilities to use one, two, or three in memes or other Easter creative are endless. Take a look and if you like any, just place an order for immediate download.

Browse Hippity Hop Construction Site photos now >>

Launch of

Launch of

Launch of

In association with Lara Jonas, a photographer in upstate New York, we have launched This site offers an ever growing collection of inexpensive, high quality stock photography available for immediate download. The site is built on a custom php mysql software that has been customized by to meet the projects needs. It is mobile ready, and utilizes PayPal for the payment system.

If you are a photographer in need of a clean, simple to use website with the following features, contact us for a bid.

Photographer Web Site Features

  • Clean, simple responsive design with 4 designs to choose from.
  • Point click image upload functions
  • Automatic image resizing and multiple download variations and pricing
  • Unlimited additional pages
  • Public and PRIVATE galleries
  • Private gallery access control
  • Auto-watermarking of images
  • Multiple payment gateways including PayPal,, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Print shops can allow clients to UPLOAD photos / images if desired
  • Package pricing if desired
  • Coupon codes
  • Shopping cart functions
  • Stand alone website or add on to any Php/Mysql site
  • Search function
  • Tag options for images
  • Clean search engine friendly urls

Joomla tags duplicate content SEF solution

Joomla tags with some templates may cause duplicate content, which we all know is a problem for Google and other search engines.  Here is an example.

The tags which show up with Artisteer templates under a content item generate an sef like this.


The sef generated by the Joomla tag menu link generates a link like this.


This  is core router issue which we didn't have time to resolve at this writing.  However, the quick fix is to use a .htaccess rule.  Here it is.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/component/tags/tag/(.*)$ /tags/$1

What this does is look for urls with /component/tags/tag/ and rewrites it as /tags/.

This will resolve the duplicate content issue.

*To help Google find your TAGS, be sure to add a menu link somewhere, and be sure to install this TAG extension for xmap.

*A related issue is the menu tag items do not have unique titles. We are looking into that as well.

Joomla 3.4 Weblinks - Xmap weblinks' doesn't exist

Recently we did a new install to Joomla 3.4. All was well. After we installed xmap we started getting an error in the admin control panel.  It looked like this.

joomla 3.4 _weblinks' doesn't exist

Turns out Joomla 3.4 no longer installs the previously default Weblinks component, which we never used anyway.  But, apparently, xmap references it.  The easy solution was to install the weblinks component which can be found here.

Just install it, and the error goes away.



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