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New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

Check out the latest video made for Chesapeake Bay Outfitters in Saint Michaels Maryland. It's title "Sperry Your Life". The video is announcing the new shop-n-shop display of Sperry footwear at the Chesapeake Bay Outfitters retail store. The video has also been incorporated into the home page of and promtoed through their network. The script was written and voiced by Michael Zittel. Images were provided by Sperry and CBO.

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Rehab marketing channel added to

Rehab marketing channel added to

At the request of who happens to be a newly approved editor, a new drug and alcohol rehab channel has been added to SocialBrandsToday. Like all channels on SBT, there is no cost to add your company, or in this case your rehab center, and create an official social brand page. In addition to the usual criteria of having a real website, publicly available business address and at least two social profiles, every rehab facility that wants to be included MUST have CARF accreditation. So, if you are a CARF accredited drug and/or alcohol treatment facility, create an official brand page on and help the world follow you.

Sign Up Here >>

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Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Learn how to connect Google Analytics and views to Your Adwords Account

Question: How do I link my Adwords account to my Google Analytics account and have it show up in multiple views?

Requirements: Must have a Google Adwords account as well as a Google Analytics account that use the SAME email address. You must also have EDIT permissions for the Google Analytics account you want to connect.

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Breezing Forms and Google Analytics

Breezing Forms and Google Analytics

How do I track a Breezing Forms with Google Analytics?

Tracking Breezing Forms by Crosstec Soultion with Google Analytics is a little complicated, but like most things internet there are numerous resources to use. To make things easier for you, we've made this little video so you can see exactly how to do it.


1) First, you have to create a new page in Joomla that will be used as the Thank You page after a user submits a Breezing Form.

2) Go to Components > Breezing Forms > Manage Forms > Choose an existing form > Options select CUSTOM in the END SUBMIT field and add this code.

/*If you are redirecting to a page outside of your server, then it should be coded like this:*/
/**If your form is displayed in an iFrame and you want the page you are redirecting to, to break out of the iFrame and appear in the main window, use this code instead: */
JFactory::getApplication()->redirect('/myThankYouPage.php', 'parent');


You will need to change the code in this line to your specific thankyou page.


*You can leave the other code as is, or change as needed if you are using those options.

3) Save.

Now go to your Google Analytics account.

1) Once logged in to to the Admin > Choose your account > Property > View Setting where you want to add a goal.

2) Choose Goals > New Goal

3) Choose type of Goal Set up > Template > Signup.

4) In Goal Description add a unique name ? choose type > Destination.

5) In Goal Details > Choose Equals to > and enter your thank you page url. Just a slash url not the full url. *Choose case sensitive.

For "value" enter the monetary value of a new sign up if applicable.

You can also enter "funnel" info which can be useful to determine if people are following the expected path to your signup page. In our case, the signup page is available as a global navigational item so a funnel is not particularly useful.


Now, test your Breezing form and make sure you are landing on your new thank you page and after 24 hours, go back to your Google Analytics account. Make sure you are logged into the correct view in REPORTING. In the lower left column, you'll see the CONVERSION dashboard. Click it and if you set everything up correctly, you will see conversion data.

How do I see streams I follow as a business on Facebook?

How do I see streams I follow as a business on Facebook

About a month ago in May 2016, Facebook started forcing all people to you use a business manager account if you had a business page. In the process, they removed the top of page link to "Home" where you could easily see streams your business followed. It's still accessible, but has been moved to the left, below the "search for posts on this page" box. Just login, switch to your Facebook business identity and click the in the left now ladled "See Pages Feed".

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I will teach you how I rank Youtube videos for FREE using white hat SEO.

I will teach you how I rank Youtube videos for FREE using white hat SEO.

I will teach you how I rank Youtube videos for FREE using white hat SEO.

Copyright 2016 by Michael Zittel @

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a white hat SEO network which I use to quickly rank YouTube videos for a given keyword term.

First, there are NO guarantees with search engine optimization. However, this is what I do, and have done for a variety of videos which have gained top ten ranking in just a few hours for GEO targeted - Local search terms.

For example, search "Annapolis Youtube marketing". If you search Google you'll find many of my videos and or related web sites in the top ten. I practically own the space! ( and

You can do the same in your market.

*This technique tends to work the best of long tail and geo targeted search terms. It can work for broad match terms, but will take more time, and related content both in and out of your network.

Now, let's get started.

First set up a Gmail, Google Plus and Associated Youtube account. In the process, you may want to create a keyword target user name. For example, if you an Barber in Chicago, you might create the following gmail name: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All set up with a gmail / Youtube / and Google plus page? Great. Now, visit this public spreadsheet in Google and make a private copy for yourself.

Worksheet link:..

Order digital download of this tutorial at

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#Youtube adds #hashtags - Use for SEO!

#Youtube adds #hastags - Use for SEO!
Google announced today via the YouTube : Creator Monthly newsletter that they have now added #hashtag functionality to YouTube. We gave it a quick test by search for Bernie as a keyword and as a hashtag. From the search results in the video you can see that yes, indeed, using a #hashtag in the search produced different results, and in this case, a video that was created about 5 hours ago moved to the top ten of YouTube search results. Cool. Now, marketers, have yet another simple tool to get into the top ten of, at least, YouTube search results. And, if combined with brand marketing and a unique search term #hashtag, should be able to maintain consistent top level ranking in both YouTube as well as Google proper.

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Rehab Marketing - Annapolis SEO Sucess!

Rehab Marketing - Annapolis SEO Sucess!

Back on April 1st, 2016, we started designing and building a spec website targeting the rehab space. It's called, you can see the first announcement here. Well, in about 5 days, we started seeing some solid, if hyper-granular hyper-local, SEO success for related rehab terms. In short, we got 4 search terms to rank in the top ten of the Google search engine results page. In some cases, more than one page ranked well. If you like, search the following terms and see where or related its related Youtube marketing channel / videos are ranked. If you need help with your Rehab Marketing or other SEO, contact us for a free quote.

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Oregon Rehab marketing video by

Oregon Rehab - Sober lawyer - Video for

Oregon Rehab marketing video by

Today we created and launched another rehab marketing video for our spec project It's a simple graphic zoom with the story of an alcoholic lawyer in Portland, Oregon who was the child of an Alcoholic father. She became a perfectionist and a functioning alcoholic, but after her mothers death returned to AA and has stayed sober ever since.

Read more: Oregon Rehab marketing video by - - Sober stories wanted - Sober stories of hope & rehab has started a new spec project called, an ever growing collection of personal stories about getting and staying sober along with social news updates from verified rehab centers across the USA. Currently, the site is in a soft launch / partial beta and accepting submission of stories of hope and recovery from people with more than one year of sobriety. To learn more, visit *Unless requested otherwise, stories of sobriety will be published anonymously. As part of the soft launch, has also created 2 Youtube videos which you can view directly here: New England Rehab - Dual Recovery and 20 below hippy drunk - Alaska rehab

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