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Why clients love Magento Magento Experts

Why clients love Magento

These days, there are many different ecommerce solutions for many different types of online stores. Simple hosted solutions, like Shopify, became very popular with very small online businesses while the internet’s Jack of all trades and master of none, WordPress, can be customized to do just about anything, even though it was originally built with blogs in mind. However, with almost 30% market share(1), there is one ecommerce platform that authoritatively hovers above every other – its name is, of course, Magento. Visit or read further.

What is Magento?
Magento is a mature and sophisticated ecommerce software with more than 240,000 users from all around the world. It was first published 7 years ago and later became the sole property of eBay, the largest online auction and shopping website in the world.
It is build using modern approaches to programming and content management, which guarantees an excellent stability even under heavy loads. There are currently two editions of Magento ecommerce software. The first is called Magento Community Edition and it is fully open-source, free to use and modify platform with plug-in and theme support. The second edition, Magento Enterprise, is aimed at the biggest online stores that require a first-hand technical support and troubleshooting.

Why choose Magento?
We would like to walk you through some of the most popular reasons why our clients love Magento and everything it can offer to them.

Open Source
Magento Community Edition is available as an open source download that allows capable Magento developers to provide their clients with custom tailored solution that perfectly fit their needs. Every part of the software is exposed and the core functionality can easily be extended with custom Magento modules. Our clients simply love knowing that their online ecommerce store is completely in their own hands.

Large community of users and developers
There are many perks when it comes to being the largest ecommerce solution in the world. The large community of users attracts developers, which in turn helps to accelerate growth make the whole platform stronger and well-rounded. Given that 1 of every 4 businesses uses Magento as their online ecommerce platform of choice, you can be 100% sure that it will be able to easily meet all your demands.
Built with ecommerce in mind
Unlike other popular ecommerce solutions, Magento has been built from ground up with ecommerce in mind. This is reflected in its core architecture, speed, high responsiveness under all situations, and proactive approach to problem solving and development.

Magento is a very robust solution capable of all common, and not so common, tasks users want from their ecommerce software. It integrates a visual-based page editor, which allows everybody to edit their website and customize many important aspects of their store without any knowledge of programming languages. Your new Magento store will be able to instantly increase your profits with built-in marketing and promotional tools, multiple shipping options, upsell and cross-sells prompts, and great search engine optimization with sitemaps support, URL rewrites, and Metadata. All of this and more is integrated directly into the core software and optimized for highest possible conversion.

Internalization and multistore support
One of the most popular features of Magento is its support for multiple storefronts using just a single backend. This allows users to run several different websites from a single installation. The most common usage of this feature is for creating different language versions for all markets in which your business operates. These versions can be accessed through different domains, sub-domains, or sub-directories. Each method has its set of advantages and disadvantages and good Magento development company will be able to assist you with choosing the best one for your particular situation.

Extensions and themes
The great thing about Magento is that it is able to do almost anything you might need right out of the box. However, if you are still in need of some extra functionality, all you need to do is contact a reputable Magento web development company, like ours, who will build a custom Magento module for you. If you want your site to have a personalized look that will attract clients and help you increase your sales, don’t hesitate and use our contact information to get in touch with us. You will love the results – that’s a promise.

*1) Source of statistic:

* Article provided by a small web design and development operated by Andrei E and Eugene B. They specialize in Magento.

New photos added to Social Brands Today Creative Commons

Add a few new photos / graphics into the creative commons channel. Here's one of the better images. It's an image of a coffee cup on a patio table in the fall that has been rained on. Using Photoshop, I melted the cup and their is super hot java flowing over the table on to the chair down to the deck. Dry leaves caught in the path are catching fire. Enjoy. browse and download creative commons images here. hot coffee melting table - Creative Commons image Download Hot Coffee Anyone

Launch of

As a service to Connecticut various CT contractor clients, we are pleased to announce the launch of Through this site we help Connecticut home owners and commercial construction project managers connect with licensed contractors in Connecticut. There is NO cost to either home owners, project managers to use the the site. Additionally, any and all licensed CT contractors in the the various fields (carpentry, millwork, masonry, electrical, landscape, plumbing, etc) may request to have a FEATURED profile for FREE. Beyound a directory, also provides professional services to the trade such as lead generation, web design, e-marketing, social marketing, guest blogging, photography and more. To learn more, visit directly.

Be sure to follow CTcontractors in all the prime networks as well..



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Social Brands Today

Hippity Hop Construction Site - Easter Stock Photos

Hippity Hop Construction Site - Easter Photos

Over at our new site, we have added a fun collection of whimsical photos called: Hippity Hop Construction Site. In this series we see toy rabbits and chickens using construction equipment to fill an Easter Basket. The possibilities to use one, two, or three in memes or other Easter creative are endless. Take a look and if you like any, just place an order for immediate download.

Browse Hippity Hop Construction Site photos now >>

Launch of

Launch of

Launch of

In association with Lara Jonas, a photographer in upstate New York, we have launched This site offers an ever growing collection of inexpensive, high quality stock photography available for immediate download. The site is built on a custom php mysql software that has been customized by to meet the projects needs. It is mobile ready, and utilizes PayPal for the payment system.

If you are a photographer in need of a clean, simple to use website with the following features, contact us for a bid.

Photographer Web Site Features

  • Clean, simple responsive design with 4 designs to choose from.
  • Point click image upload functions
  • Automatic image resizing and multiple download variations and pricing
  • Unlimited additional pages
  • Public and PRIVATE galleries
  • Private gallery access control
  • Auto-watermarking of images
  • Multiple payment gateways including PayPal,, Google Checkout, etc.
  • Print shops can allow clients to UPLOAD photos / images if desired
  • Package pricing if desired
  • Coupon codes
  • Shopping cart functions
  • Stand alone website or add on to any Php/Mysql site
  • Search function
  • Tag options for images
  • Clean search engine friendly urls

Joomla tags duplicate content SEF solution

Joomla tags with some templates may cause duplicate content, which we all know is a problem for Google and other search engines.  Here is an example.

The tags which show up with Artisteer templates under a content item generate an sef like this.


The sef generated by the Joomla tag menu link generates a link like this.


This  is core router issue which we didn't have time to resolve at this writing.  However, the quick fix is to use a .htaccess rule.  Here it is.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/component/tags/tag/(.*)$ /tags/$1

What this does is look for urls with /component/tags/tag/ and rewrites it as /tags/.

This will resolve the duplicate content issue.

*To help Google find your TAGS, be sure to add a menu link somewhere, and be sure to install this TAG extension for xmap.

*A related issue is the menu tag items do not have unique titles. We are looking into that as well.

Joomla 3.4 Weblinks - Xmap weblinks' doesn't exist

Recently we did a new install to Joomla 3.4. All was well. After we installed xmap we started getting an error in the admin control panel.  It looked like this.

joomla 3.4 _weblinks' doesn't exist

Turns out Joomla 3.4 no longer installs the previously default Weblinks component, which we never used anyway.  But, apparently, xmap references it.  The easy solution was to install the weblinks component which can be found here.

Just install it, and the error goes away.



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