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NJ SEO Success!

NJ SEO Success!
On Jan 4th we conducted a lite SEO audit of checking our success at getting (and ranked in the top ten of Google for a variety of search terms such as NJ YouTube SEO, New Jersey Youtube Marketing, etc.

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New Video - Hoboken Christmas Trees

Hoboken Christmas Trees

New Video - Hoboken Christmas Trees - @hobobuzzcom

The other day we made a quick video of a Christmas Tree lot in Hoboken, NJ, our new home town. Well, not that new, we used to be based here about 6 years ago and are now back! Anyway, we made this video for our side project Additionally, we include photos from the video for your enjoyment. Oh, and if you need a Christmas tree, or wreaths, be sure to stop the Christmas tree lot at Our Lady Of Grace Church on Willow between 4th and 5th in Hoboken.

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Joomla 3.6 Tag SEF URLs Broken - Solved!

This morning we discovered that the SEF structure of tags in Joomla 3.6.4 produces an item like this URL: ../component/tags/tag/4-tag.html. After searching around for a solution, the best we could do with out spending days debugging, was to set up a menu item pointing to tags, then set a .htaccess rewrite. For example: RedirectMatch 301 ^/component/tags/tag/(.*)$ /blog/tags/$1 . That this little trick does for those who do not know, is it sells the server if a request is made for any URL with this element "/component/tags/tag" to be redirected/rewritten as "/blog/tags/(var)". So, the item becomes /blog/tags/4-tag.html. This has solved the problem for the time being.

Hoboken Halloween 2016 - NJ Event Photography

Hoboken Halloween 2016
Since moving back to Hoboken NJ at the end of October 2016, the first public event I had a chance to shoot was the annual Halloween Parade and the swarming mass of revelers before, during and after the parade. This Halloween was one of my favorites so far, since becoming a father. My son also agreed. He had a great, great, time! Anyway, the full collection is posted over on my new side project, a free community website where locals, visitors and business can connect. Enjoy! Or, if you prefer, watch the video montage below or at Youtube.

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SEO results in 58 minutes

SEO results in 58 minutes

A couple weeks ago we shot a Youtube video titled Salisbury Antique Appraisals for our client Peenstra Appraisals. After editing down the two hours of raw video footage into an 8 minute highlight piece, we posted it on Youtube, and related social networks including their official branded blog:

Literally, in 58 minutes according to Google, Peenstra Appraisals , who had NO previous SERP for the targeted key term made it into the top ten of Google. This is pretty darn fast since there are over 122K pages competing for the same space. In a few days or so we expect the Youtube video along with the parent website site to replace the SERP result seen in the video. We'll check again in a week or so and post an update to the results. If you need help with your local search engine optimization including Youtube and social marketing, then give us a call.

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Local Youtube SEO services overview

We have updated our website design and focus of the services. Currently, we are experiencing excellent results from our Local YouTube SEO strategy, and are shifting our focus accordingly. Of course, we will still provide general search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, photography and video production, as they are all inter-related, but we really love making Youtube videos and seeing fast results in the search engines! With that said, here is out newest video.

Local Youtube SEO services overview

Or, you can watch the video directly on Youtube

Hispanics watch Youtube more than cable

Hispanics watch Youtube more than cable

Here are some interesting stats direct from Google about how hispanic consumers interact and engage with Youtube. Most interesting is that more Hispanics watch Youtube than any cable network. Hmm. Additionally, 60% watch in English, 28% both English and Spanish, while only 12% watch in Spanish most of the time. Hmm. So, an easy conclusion here, is if you want to attract the Hispanic audience specifically, you need to be on Youtube. Plus, it's much less expensive to be on Youtube than on cable or other national TV programs.

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Annapolis Photography - Mill Creek 2016

Annapolis Photography - Mill Creek 2016

Last week I took a quick boating trip up Mill Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. We visited Cantler's Riverside Inn for lunch I got a few good blue crab photos as wells as a few moments while on the water. A couple of these images have been accepted over at Just follow this link: The others are available for reprint upon request. Just give me a call if you want to use any of the photography in graphic design or for personal use. Enjoy.

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Launch of

Launch of - Foodies share favorites

Launch of

We are please to announce the launch of It's a search engine optimized Wordpress blog where foodies share their favorites. If you are a foodie and want to share your favorite foods, recipes, photos and joints (ie restaurants, delis, farmers markets, niche grocery stores, etc), then just tweet to @foodiesharenet, or apply for a contributor account.

Here are the related social brand pages"

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