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How to create a Windows 8 password?

Recover Windows 8  Password

How to create a Windows 8 password?

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Before the official release of Windows 8, the new password features in Windows 8 have attracted much attention. In Windows, users are allowed to create not only a text password, but also a picture password or PIN code. Picture password and PIN code in Windows 8 are said to be a supplement of traditional text password. And Windows 8 users, therefore, needn't to recover Windows 8 password once they find they've forgotten their text password. Instead, they just need to try to log in with picture password or PIN code. It is undoubtedly a welcome improvement to users, especially for those who have bad memories. Then, how to create a login password in Windows 8?

If you are the only account on your Windows 8 PC, it is pretty easy to create a text password. If you are not, you then need to create an account firstly through the administrator account. In Windows 8, the administrator is free to add more accounts as you see fit. Here I introduce the whole settings for an account and a text password for it.

Step 1: Press "Windows + W" to go to the "Setting" page and then enter "users" in the search box. Click on "Users" and you will be able to see the "Users" tap.

Step 2: Tap on "Add a user" and then click "Sign in without a Microsoft account" in "Add a User" window.

Step 3: Click on "Local Account" and enter a name into the user name text box.

Step 4: Now, type in your password for the account and then reenter it to confirm. It is highly recommended to leave password hints for the password in case the password one day.

Step 5: Click on "Finish".

Tips: When you enter your password for the second time, if you are not sure whether you've entered the same one, you can click the "Display Characters" icon. If you're setting a password for your child, you can activate "Is this a child's account?" and you can also set up "Family Safety".

After you have created a text password, you will then be able to make a picture password or a PIN code. In order to create a picture password, you should firstly prepare a picture password. Then navigate to the "User settings" panel and click on the button "Create a picture password". You will then be asked to authenticate your administrator account by entering the right text password. After that, choose your picture, and then draw and confirm three gestures on the picture. As for the setting of PIN code, you choose "Create a PIN" in the "User settings" window. You then enter your current text password and you'll be able to enter four digits as your PIN code.

In the case that you've forgotten your current text password and you want to create a new password, the settings will be much more complicated. Similar to the ways to reset Windows Server 2008 password, you can take advantage of a third-party Windows 8 password reset tool or your installation disk if you don't have a Windows 8 password reset disk.

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