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SEOTOASTER Transcends Beyond the Garden Variety Ecommerce Website Platform Builder

SEO Samba toast master guest blog

SEOTOASTER Transcends Beyond the Garden Variety Ecommerce Website Platform Builder

Guest blog by SEO Samba on behalf of SEOTOASTER

The general trend in all user platforms dealing with computers and technology is almost always about increased usability for the most un-sophisticated among us. The reason for this is simple: people who fall into that category comprise a huge market that is largely under served in the industry. Combining the awesome capability of SEOTOASTER open source CMS with SEO Samba's renowned website marketing software , you the harness the power to launch web marketing in vertical application while also delighting your users with a content management system that will be hassle free for them. This all adds up to more sales.

The versatility of who this tool works for is what sets us apart. You could be totally new to the online E-commerce world or an expert in running web directories, PPC management, direct response email marketing, you can use this weapon to make your circle of potential customers wider than you ever imagined, offer continuous, cutting edge and fully automated SEO and Ecommerce services which set themselves apart by being the best and easiest for the user no matter your background. This is a recognized area of need in the industry.

Look at these whopper benefits:
  1. A fully branded web construction including but not limited to hosting, control panel, registration, and all the functions which effectively create organic web marketing advantages for your business.
  2. Leave all the concern about the SEO finer points and technology build-ins to us while you spend time building your business by doing the hard but rewarding work of thinking and strategic planning.
  3. Create an ultra-attractive lead product or service that your sales team will actually be excited about selling.
  4. Multi languages comes standard to immediately work with international clients so you can be global now and ready to cater to the worldwide business available in all thriving corners of the globe.
  5. Make your set up fully open source and take away all the concerns you might have about third party effective adoption of your pitch.
  6. We take the industry you are in and put together the modules, extensions and client processes perfectly tailored to your market or industry or even your unique culture and geography.

A Business Model That Has Everyone Looking on Admirably

The key to creating the perfect tool to accomplish all these benefits is to understand business and the needs unique to online businesses and then create business solutions that are versatile enough to help you realize your vision without aggravation from your web solutions.

Of course every business is totally unique in it's needs, structure and goals, but the minimums of sound and successful business must be met. With that in mind business solutions providers who partner with SEO Samba and SEOTOASTER gain the following advantages. Check out all this:

  • Centralized marketing software license commissions, on a recurring basis.
  • Recurring plug ins Commissions from Licenses.
  • Ability to resell value added professional service packages using your own brand.
  • Defend accounts of your current customers against bigger and more full service providers.
  • Higher engagement service you will be free to provide creates further entrenchment of existing customer accounts.
  • A whole new level of opportunities and exposure for more clients and continued growth in the lifeblood of your business.
  • You are Full Partner with the Power and Security of Long-Term Continuity.

SEO Samba, is based in the United States and is the company behind the increasingly well-known SEOTOASTER. Samba has standardized using SEOTOASTER for use in the front-end of Internet marketing and the SEO software . SEO Samba is highly profitable and run by a team of international marketers, coders who came together to forge a totally innovative and superior experience for the too often under served teams such as designers, agencies, entrepreneurs, designers, and marketers.

The front-end open source nature of this business solutions tool keeps it maintainable for our partner's technical platform. It is about full adaptability. Beyond just that, the entire community and marketing savvy of the SEOTOASTER team of experts serves as an opportunity for even greater harvesting of opportunities.


Publisher note: I have not tried this software, but it looks interesting. Could be an ideal solution. If anyone gives it a try, please do post a follow comment / review below. Thanks. Michael.

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