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Wordpress and Joomla are ideal solutions for nearly every type of website. They are the most robust content management systems and are trusted by millions of webmasters world wide. Joomla in particular has been used by fortune 500 companies like Barnes and Noble, Ebay, Ikea..


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Our complete SEO services include on-site / off-site search engine optimization with an emphasis in Youtube and advanced social media content marketing to create a branded in-bound network to increase your search engine postitioning and return on investment.


Comprehensive internet marketing

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Long gone are the days of "build it and they will come" approach to internet marketing. In today's world, effective internet marketing requires SEO, PPC, Social, Email and more such as video, affiliate marketing, content marketing, social engagement, etc.


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Social networks are ideal for establishing and growing your brand. Like all things internet, there are some quick and easy things to do, but to truly maximize your social brand requires a thoughtful plan, execution and continued management and analysis.


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To help our clients and general users, we have created a variety of tutorials to help you set up an effective social brand business page.

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What Exactly Is Guest Posting?

Well guest posting is writing on someone else’s blog on a relevant topic to their website. They will then attribute you with an author bio which will include a little blurb about you and usually a link pointing back to your website.

Awesome But How Do I Go About It?

It’s not easy and quick so you have to be dedicated to making it work. I will go through a typical guest posting campaign below.

• First things first you need to gather some blogs that you would like to be a guest author of. There are multiple ways of doing this. You can simply use the Google search and look for blogs that way. E.g. if you’re a wedding planning business then search for “wedding blogs” in Google. Other ways you can source blogs is using search operators in Google which will filter your search results for you so they are more relevant. An example for a wedding blog search would be “guest post” + “wedding”. So this would bring back all the sites that contain the word “guest post” on them and “wedding”.

• The next step is to sort through the blogs you have collected. I would recommend putting them all into an excel doc and gather the page rank for them and domain authority. From this I would then filter the blogs and remove any that have a PR of less than 2 and domain authority of less than 20. This will weed out the blogs that are not very trust worthy in the eyes of the big Google.

• Great now we have our blogs! Next up is out reaching (contacting the bloggers). You want to make the emails you send to the bloggers as personal as possible. The reason being they probably get a lot of requests for guest posts so think what can you do to make your stand out from the others?
• Once you have agreed on a topic with the blogger you can write the article. Be sure to make it as helpful as possible and not to advertise hard. Be sure to include natural links in the article as this will show you are not just blogging for SEO reasons.

• Your guest post is live! Yay! Now be sure to promote the post on you social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon.

From this post you should get a good understanding of what guest posting is all about and why it is beneficial.

This post is from John over at Imba Marketing. If you have any questions please direct them to him.

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