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Why Joomla?

Millions of companies, non-profits, organizations and individuals world wide use Joomla. Why?

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To help you get online quickly, we have developed a custom starter package for just $499.

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Custom Joomla Web Design - Why Joomla?

Why do millions of companies, non-profits, organizations and individuals world wide trust Joomla?

  1. It is FREE! If you want you can download it yourself here
  2. It is a robust Content Management System (CMS)- Once it's built, you can easily manage your site yourself.
  3. It is open source, which means you can modify, build on and expand the code anyway you want.
  4. It is secure. Because the system is open source, 1000's of web masters are constantly testing for vulnerabilities, and the community releases regular updates and security fixes.
  5. It is scalable. Out of the box Joomla makes an excellent brochure style website which is easy to use for any size company, big or small. When you are ready to grow, there are literally 1,000's of extensions such as shopping carts, real estate listing platforms, photo galleries, restaurant menu tools, event booking systems, digital asset management functions, lead generation forms, social networking platforms, etc. Whatever you want to do, Joomla! can do it.
  6. Multiple language support
  7. Multiple USER levels
  8. Responsive (Mobile Ready)

Given the reason above, and over 7 years of working with, and developing custom websites on Joomla, we simply cannot recommend it enough.

If it's free, why would I hire to build the site for us?

There are multiple answers to the "free" vs "hire" questions.

  • Time and Money savings - Yes. Joomla is FREE, but there is a learning curve. To effectively set up a Joomla website it is highly reccommend that you have a solid working knowledge of HTML 5, CSS, Jquery, PHP, MySql and working with Apache Servers, .htaccess and a variety of other technical skills. Additionally, the default Joomla templates and functionality rarely meet a clients needs "out of the box". When you hire LLC to build a Joomla website for you, you not only save time, you save money because you skip all the "trial and error" process of learning Joomla and the other technical aspects of the site.
  • Search Engine Optimization - By default Joomla is NOT search engine optimized. When we build a Joomla website we also make it search engine friendly by adding a variety of plugins and extensions for proper SEF url rewriting, meta description tags, geo tags, Google Plus publisher tags, Facebook Open Graph tags, as well as Google Analytics, auto site-map generation and submission to Google Webmaster tools, etc.
  • Support, management and training - Once we have built a Joomla website for you, we train you how to manage the basic functions such as adding new content, adding images, using your shopping cart if you have one, photo gallery, etc. For advanced functions and customization we are just a phone call away. Because Joomla itself is a non-profit, content management system, there is no phone support or dedicated technical assistance, except through experts such as

Joomla Web Design Starter Package $499.00

Show us 3 sites your like and we'll design a custom Joomla site for youOur start package includes:

  • Custom web design (Joomla is template driven system and can support multiple templates. Our starter package includes ONE custom template)
  • Design will be mobile ready - responsive
  • Up to 10 pages of content (Client must provide written copy and related graphics)
  • Contact formwith email delivery of form data to admin email
  • Google Analytics
  • Google site map creation
  • Submission to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Basic Joomla CMS training - How to add/edit a new page with images

*Start package requires hosting with for 1 year at $29.95 per month. Hosting includes

  • Hosting environment optimized for Joomla
  • 750 MBS of space (About 100 pages )
  • 5 Emails
  • 99% up time guarantee

Joomla Design Sample Inspiration

Not sure what you want your website to look like? View the samples below. If none of them fit your aesthetic show us 3 sites you like and after we discuss your objectives, we'll design a custom site for you.

Joomla web design sample 1

Joomla design sample 2 -cars and coffee

Joomla design sample business


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