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Youtube SEO Marketing

Youtube SEO Marketing

Youtube SEO Marketing Works!

Combining Youtube Marketing with your SEO web design, and an advanced, automated, branded social network quickly pushes your videos and related web pages into the top ten of the search engine results pages (SERP) for long-tail and geo targeted search phrases. This white hat, ethical approach to SEO / Youtube marketing produces consistent results for our clients, and

Prove our claim to yourself!

Search the phrases below in Google, and look for the following websites and or videos.

"NJ youtube seo" - Look for

"Hoboken Youtube SEO" - Look for

"Saint Michaels Sandals" -Look for

"Pokemon Go Map Annapolis" -Look for

"rock creek cottage pasadena md" -Look for

"Annapolis real estate video" - Look for

"Maryland Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals

"Annapolis Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals

"Salisbury Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals.

"Baltimore Antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals.

"Washington DC antique Appraiser" - Look for Peenstra Appraisals.

Did you find the results suggested? Good!

How do I get started with Youtube seo marketing?

Easy! First, contact us to discuss your goals.
Howerver, in genral the process works like this. We build your advanced, branded social media network including setting up / optimizting your Youtube channel. We create your first Youtube marketing video and through an automated process, we have the video and related article on your website distributed to your branded social network. After that, you can retain our services to continue making more videos, or simply add more videos you make to your Youtube channel and the system does the rest. To get started with full service Youtube SEO marketing call us at 917.435.0662 M-F 9am-5pm.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on scope of work and time commitment. However, the intial set up / optimization / training costs: $799. Intial set up includes the following:

  1. Youtube channel set up / optimization
  2. Establishing branded social network
  3. Creating automatic distribution scripts
  4. Production / Creation of your first 30 second Yutube video (Sample)
  5. Uploading / promoting / automatic distribution of first video
  6. Training

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