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Serr.biz LLC is owned and operated by Michael Zittel, who began working in the internet in 1999.

He is also the senior SEO consultant at GalileoTechMedia.com.

Below is his resume.

Be sure to visit his LinkedIn page to see all of his references and work history.

RESUME Of Michael Zittel (Serr.biz)

Work History

GalileoTechMedia.com: Senior SEO consultant

Sept 2016 - Present

Lead all technical SEO initiatives and activities for the company as well as new clients of GalileoTechMedia.com

Owner (1/03 – Present) Create, manage and control all aspects of business.
Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Custom SEO web site design for clients (Joomla)

Project management (US and off-shore senior programmers)

Custom PHP based web sites / Joomla components (Forms LT Forms, SerrBiz Sef, SerrBiz MLS )

Comprehensive eMarketing for clients including but not limited to Social / SEO / SEM / PPC advertising, content marketing, email marketing, ad tracking, Google Analytics, ROI analysis, negotiations, budgeting

Client SEO training / Joomla CMS web management training

Hosting server administration (LAMP)

Product Photography, voice over, web video production.

Current Clients and Projects (Services as needed)

General Glass Inc - Wordpress management, customization as needed

CBOstyle.com - Social media marketing, photography, web video production and web marketing consulting as needed.

MileSquarePT.com - Web design and development


Previous Clients (Some sites may be offline.)

PeenstraAppraisals.com - Annapolis, MD based antique appraiser - Wordpress management, Youtube marketing, SEO, social brand marketing, video production.

HoboBuzz.com - A curated collection of local news, events and business establishments in Hoboken, NJ. *Offline

Naptown.today - A curated collection of Annapolis, MD social news, events, photography and more. *Offline

HomeDesignGallery.build - Local coop of CT / NY contractors and builders who provide a one stop solution for all of your home design needs.

CarusoRestoration.com - New Fairfield based general contractor serving the Western Connecticut area including Danbury, Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, etc. Project included custom social profile development, paid marketing, and on going development, management, population of their new Mobile ready Joomla 3.0 web site.*Initial site development was a conversion for a Godaddy site to Joomla.

FirstGrowthAdvisor.com - Custom Joomla Web design for Brian Ward, the owner of FirstGrowthAdvisor, a fine wine broker and wine insurances website.

Wilksir.com - Custom Joomla Web Design - Scientific Analyzers for the Petro-Chemical industry

Coldwell Banker -CB Aclawrence.com | CBBellmarc.com (SEO and Social Media Marketing NYC real estate)

MasonInteractive.com (White label senior level SEO consulting and strategist)

CTGeneratorSolutions.com (Web design, development and internet marketing as needed)

ATHQ.com (Internet marketing consulting and training as needed)

BrooklynPR.com, Pier41Ads.com (Internet marketing services as needed)

Forenzy.com - Custom Joomla web design, social marketing, Hika Shopping cart - Antiques and Vintage shopping cart - Ebay and Etsy sales

HobokenVine.net (Web design and development)

BreadWinnersInsurance.com (Web design, development, marketing, management)

CorporatePA.com (White Label Senior Project Manager, business development, web design, development, marketing, management)
Related clients: Lela.com, ComplySci.com, RSLfundingllc.com, MomAudience.com, SocialBrandAmbassadors.com

ParadigmTrends.com (Product Photography)

AddessiJewelers.com (Magento SEO)

Tufenkian Imports Export Ventures, Inc.
(Tufenkian.com, TufenkianCarpets.com, TufenkianOutlet.com)

CatherineHooper.com, BlackUmbrella.com


Ganton Associates







Additional web sites upon request.

Pre-Serr.biz work history:

Churchill Corporate Suites Hawthorne NJ
Position: Director of Internet Marketing 10/02-1/03
Duties: Develop, manage and market web site(s)

Furnished Quarters, NY, NY
Position: Internet Marketing Manager. 3/02 – 10/02
Duties: Develop, manage and market web site

Rent-Direct.com (Apartments Illustrated) NY, NY
Position: Director of Internet Technologies 5/00 – 3/02
Duties: Develop, manage and market web site(s)

Freelance web design – Ebay specialist: 4/99 - 5/00
Santa Monica Antiques (Assistant store manager / ebay consignment service)
LAAntiques.com (off line)
Listit.com (ebay consignment / sales services)


Imago Theater, Portland Oregon: 8/98 – 4/99 (Actor)
Crown City Antiques, Pasadena CA 5/96 – 8/98 (Sales clerk, restoration, deliveries, trade shows)
Fischer Antiques, Bellflower CA: 3/95 – 5/96 (Sales clerk, restoration, deliveries, trade shows)
Allison and McNabe, Whittier CA: 7/90 – 5/96 (Sales clerk, restoration, deliveries, trade shows)

Additional pre-internet experience available on request.

Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, Open Office Suite, Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point, Illustrator, etc.

Programming Languages: HTML (CSS), JavaScript, lite Php, MySql

Blog and CMS platforms: Joomla, Wordpress, B2Evolution.net,

Shopping Carts: VirtueMart, xcart, OsCommerce, CubeCart, AgroCart, Miva Merchant

Hobbies: Landscaping, Art and antique collecting, dog training, fishing, cross country skiing, kayaking

Let's talk video marketing : Call 410-757-3676

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