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Custom rigs and pressure washing trailers by Dirt Killer built at Atlantic pressure washers

New Custom Pressure Washer Trailers - Van Rig videos

Made these videos for custom rigs and trailers by DirtKiller.com. They were built at AtlanticPressuerWashers.com facility in Linthicum Heights.  The van utulized a the Canon 90D DSLR and was shot in 4K.  Though edited down to 1920x1080, the 4K can in handy for a couple of the close up moments.  It gives the illusion of a 2 camera shoot, when really it was just one. Will be shooting in 4K from now on. Especially, when there is limited production time such as these one take videos.

Liberty Mountain Ski Resort - Canon EOS 90D - Miniature filter

Liberty Mountain Ski Resort - Canon EOS 90D - Miniature filter

My old Canon Rebel T3I finally saw its last days. (Sniffle). She served me well over the past years. But, I bought a new Canon 90D EOS. (Smile). It has a couple new features I tested out while up at Liberty Mountain Ski resort in PA. Of all the new features and functions, I think the "miniature" creative filter is the most fun. Yes, it has a ton of new things to learn, like the wifi/bluetooth functions, 4K video, etc., but this miniature is the one I played with first and turned into the video below. This video is a combination of miniature stills and HD video. It was edited together using Adobe Premiere. Note. The default function of the 90D miniature recording is 5x speed. This means it plays back 5x faster than recorded. I believe they did this to give it a choppy "stop motion animation" feel. The problem is it is too fast. So, in Premiere, I actually slowed the speed down by 75%. That gave the clips a more natural stop motion feel than the the built in. Really, what the miniature setting is doing is blurring the upper and lower portions of the frame and giving a focus priority to the center. I think it also decreases the frame rate, but I didn't read that far in the manual (so dry). Note, the focus priority can be shifted as desired. Anyway, here's the clip and stills. Enjoy.

Best Bernie Mitten Memes - Star Trek

Best Bernie Mitten Memes

During the inauguration of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders became a meme sensation because of his underwhelmed and underwhelming presence, wardrobe and awesome mittens. The internet blew up with Photoshop memes of Bernie in unusual places and situations. Here's my contribution and some of my favorites below. Enjoy.

*If you want to make your own Bernie meme, here's a transparent cutout of Bernie as a PNG

Wishpond sweepstakes marketing

How I grew a newsletter base over 1,000% in 5 months - Wishpond Review

The short answer.

Running product sweepstakes via Wishpond.

Now, the longer answer.

The company I worked for wanted to grow their brand awareness, subscriber base and generate more sales. They never ran a sweepstakes before. Based on past experiences with a travel marketing company, I knew Wishpond was the answer for the fastest impact. Running a sweepstakes has the potential of going viral, especially if the prize is worth over $1,000 USD..

So, we choose a product to give away, signed up for an account, set up a campaign and started advertising.

Within an hour of promoting the campaign, contestants started entering and sharing the contest with their friends and social networks. My inbox blew up. The contest was also picked up by a number of "sweepstakes" websites. (More about that later.) Over the 5 month campaign our newsletter subscriber base grew over 1,000%. That is not an exaggeration. And, our new social media profile on Facebook grew to over 500% followers.

Now, at little bit more about Wishpond. Their landing pages are easy to build, mobile friendly, and have a variety of data capture options. Beyond the standard "sign up form", Wishpond's landing pages have "bonus" point social sharing options. This means, if a contestant shares the sweepstakes with their friends, social networks, etc, they get more chances to win.

Additionally, Wishpond's built in drip marketing campaigns send contestants email marketing messages at set intervals and/or actions. Of course, each message should be tailored with a call to action.

Also, Wishpond integrates with Shopify, so, if you happen to use that ecommerce platform, you can easily track engagement, conversions and ROI.

Of course, you can also add 3rd party tracking code to your campaign such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Now, the cons.

There are really no cons to the platform itself. It performs as advertised, and better. Our biggest problem was not having enough people to follow up with all the leads. The only other "sort of" con is that the campaign got picked up by a couple sweepstakes websites. This lead to an influx of "gamblers" who just wanted a prize they could re-sell. But, is that really a bad thing? At first, it seemed so, but in retrospect, it is not. According to Google trends we saw a 70% increase of brand related traffic year over year. So, even though gamblers did try to win, we got more real followers than not. Also, we added qualifying questions to the contestant form to weed out the hustlers and not waste time with human follow up. And, the Wishpond sweepstakes, combined with our other marketing efforts, helped increase our sales by double digits year over year.

So, in summary. If you want to grow your brand awareness and customer base quickly, run a product sweepstakes via Wishpond.

Showcase your digital marketing and e-creative

Showcase your digital marketing and e-creative

Serr.biz is evolving into a public showcase for digital marketers and e-creatives. There is no cost. Just submit your request for a showcase, and we'll work with you to get your showcase published to Serr.biz. Once published, we'll promote your showcase to over 3,000 followers in our various social profiles. Additionally, as time permits, we may turn your showcase into a video which will be published on our YouTube channel, and related social. At the very least, showcasing your work on Serr.biz will generate a solid back link, which is great for SEO. At the most, you may generate some business as we have an ever growing audience of business owners looking for digital marketers and e-creatives.
New Marketing videos for Kranzle USA

Bunch of Kranzle Pressure Washer Videos

Over the past couple of weeks we've made a bunch of new  pressure washer videos for Kranzle USA. Take a look.

Kranzle Pressure Washers Quadro Series overview

Custom Halloween photo and gif for Arteriors - Skull and Chandelier

Custom Halloween photo and gif for Arteriors - Skull and Chandelier

My wife works for ArteriorsHome.com. We recently installed the Whittier chandelier in our home. Tis the season for being spooky, so we styled this Halloween photo, which was shot with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ cell phone. I added flames to the eyes with Photoshop and made it a gif.  You can share the gif from Giphy.

#HalloweenGif #spooky #gothic #humanskull

Chester Springs Cars and Coffee 9-12-2020

Watch video on YouTube >>

On behalf of KranzleUSA.com we made this post-event video.  KranzleUSA attended the Chester Springs Cars and Coffee on 9-12-2020 in association with A2 Detail Supply.  Together, they promoted Kranzle products and allowed people to test drive a Kranzle 1122TST pressure washer at the on-site wash bay.  Many people gave the 1122 TST a whirl.  Overall, there were about 300 people in attendance and numerous luxury, sport and muscle cars as you will see in the video.  Our favorites, of course, were the Ford Mustangs. For more info visit : https://www.kranzleusa.com/blog/kranzle-blog-3/post/cars-and-coffee-chester-springs-pa-42


New pressure washer equipment marketing videos

Here are a variety of new pressure washing equipment videos I've made for DirtKiller.com / KranzleUSA.com. 

Kranzle 1622TS Promo video

This promotional video uses motion graphics, stop motion photography, video overlay and music to create a compelling advertisement. Learn more about this pressure washer at Kranzle >>


 Demo / Review video of the Kranzle 1622TS pressure washer

In this demo / review video, Josh Lee from Kranzle USA shows Brian Daily from Reflected images the features of the the Kranzle 16622TS.  Then, Brian and his team give it a whirl. "This thing is Bad Ass!" is quote from Brian.

*The combined videos about the Kranzle 1622TS, along with other marketing efforts made this unit sell out in less than 30 days of launch.

Kranzle Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzle Review / Tests

Josh Lee from Kranzle demonstrates why the Kranzle Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzles are superior to similarly priced rotary nozzles. This video has led to an increase of direct sales as well as demand from dealers. And, it has had tremendous engagement on Facebook.




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