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This video was recorded by OfferPop during the special Twitter seminar called "How Top Brands Engage Consumers.".
Here are our raw notes which we will be exploring in more depth later:
Twitter great for customer service. Larger brands have multiple twitter handles. One dedicated to custom support.
AE uses Twitter heavily for "games", contests, etc.
Favorite "shout outs" from customers or third parties that reference you.
Ecommerce sweepstakes - referral - share with a friend and you both can win
Conversational vs dictating - Is this how you speak with your friends?
Share humor, establish brand personality, voice of the brand
Bringing brands to life.
Establish a brand "language" guideline.
Define goals. Establish KPI's.
Biggest challenge data analysis
Visuals, visuals, visuals!
Visual content drives twice the engagement.
Design content for specific platforms vs just reposing same item across all platforms. *Generally, people have a preferred platform.
Limit updates to one "link".
For those in a position of having Sponsorships in posts, the sponsorship has to provide relevant value to audience.
Based on analytics of your profiles, establish a regular schedule.
As always follow 80/20 rule.
Who is your organization is the "brand voice" gate keeper?
Prime social KPI's - engagement, reach and growth.
Of your followers, who are the "influencer"?
Fun campaign is random gifts to "influencers".
Your social profile, foot print, is part of your companies value.
What are your goals? What are your goals? What your goals?

Google Launches App Indexing

Google App Indexing

Google introduces APP indexing

Got a Droid app and website? You are in luck. Google is currently testing a new service called App Indexing. Here is how Google describes it.

"Google is working with app developers and webmasters to index the content of apps and relate them to websites. When relevant, Google Search results on Android will include deep links to apps."

Government IT pros duped by a smart, pretty social profile

Pretty faced hacker

(Image source - CC - Flickr)

In an officially sanctioned "penetration test" by an undisclosed cyber security team, experts penetrated a government agency by creating a fake social profile of a woman named Emily Williams. They presented her as a smart, MIT grad working in the IT sector. They used a real woman's picture, established her "credibility" via Linkedin, Facebook, university forums, etc.

Social Media as a Gateway

by Anny Solway at ThemeFuse.com

Social as gateway

It’s important not to confuse the tool with the job where social media is concerned. Social media websites have some significant advantages to them as marketing tools when compared to other options. For instance, the biggest investment that businesses have to make in their social media campaign is the time that they put into it, rather than money.

Just as the point of using a hammer is to build a house, not to pound the nail, using social media is not really an end in and of itself. Social media is a means to an end and it’s important to keep this in mind.

What’s the Goal?


Inbounc NYC MeetUp - Josephy McElroy, Nikki Johnson, Michael Zittel

Good NYC Inbound marketing MeetUp last night at the General Society last night. About 30 people attended, which, for a nice summer night in the city is pretty good. Some people in attendance were:

Renee Silverman
Christopher Welber
Michael McGrinder
Rich Jachetti
Lauren Yothers
Victor Lee
Andreas T. Jackson

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Host: Joseph McElroy of CorporatePA.com

Niki Johnson of PluginGroup.com

Michael Zittel from Serr.biz

And, many more.

Thank you all for attending and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Brave Kitty

Source: I am a programmer, I have no life

*Looking at this, it might be fake.  Seems like the cats back legs should be extended further...unless she's preparing to land, but seems to far away from landing to be in that position yet. Hmm.

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