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5 Ways To Get Google To Notice You

If you have a website, chances are that you’re looking for ways to improve your traffic flow and get more visitors. Having a good search engine ranking is the best way to get more visitors to your site. Your search engine ranking determines which page of the search results you show up on. Ideally, you would like to be on the first page, which consists of about 10 links to 10 different pages.

What does Google Know About You?

Google Knows You Info Graphic

What does Google know about you?

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When you search for something online, usually the first place you start is by going to Google and then your adventure to find your product, directions or service begins. How you find what you need is usually an adventure in itself, but the hunt usually starts with Google. No matter what you're searching, you'd think it would stay private in your own home.

Where is SEO headed?

Where Is SEO headed?

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO), used to be simple. You could spam away, with automated bots, and SEO was essentially a competition. The person who could spam the most, would be on page 1, and in the top positions. This was as a result of Google not “holding links against you.” The policy was, a low quality link wouldn’t hurt you, it just wouldn’t give you credit. With the release of the Penguin algorithm, this changed. Now, low quality links hurt you, and can prevent you from ranking well. In certain cases, you can even get a manual penalty as a result of excessive low quality backlinks. Even amidst all these algorithmic changes, the future of SEO is extremely clear. The emphasis is now on high quality Search Engine Optimization techniques. That means having not just “good,” websites, but instead having amazing websites. It means thinking about how to improve the user experience, thereby improving time spent on the website. It means building a user friendly navigation system on your website, and thereby making it easier for your users.

Local SEO tips

How to guarantee your business will be found in local search engines Signals!

Guest blog by Henry H. Hernandez | Connect on Google+ | Visit his website: texaseo.com

Local search data signals that is. There are many other sources for traffic other than Google directly. There are also other search engines such as Yellow Pages, yelp, citygrid and the like. Dallas SEO states These “1-off” local search engines can have a significant amount of traffic waiting for your business. Dependent upon your market, this may be the ticket you’ve been looking for to help your chances in being found in local search.

Guest blogging - How to guide for Noobs

Basic Guide To Guest Posting For Noobs

Guest blog by Imba Marketing

If you’re an SEO or run an online business then knowing about guest posting is vital. With everything that has gone on in the SEO industry over the past 2years (panda and penguin updates) people have turned to white hat techniques for SEO. This primarily involves guest posting. Why? Because it’s safe, it’s relevant and provides further benefits other than a link such as traffic. If you want the easy way out before reading any further take a look at a guest posting service from Imba Marketing.

New Google Cover March 2013 Tutorial

Google, with zero warning as usual, has changed the dimensions and style of the Google Plus cover pages.

Frankly, I think they are way to big and turn previously nice looking covers into garbage. They take up nearly the whole page and force the content below the fold. A violation of their "quality" guidelines?

Gripes aside, the new image size can be as large as 2120px by 1192px according to Tech Crunch.

Artemis Marketing

Happy Birthday Google Panda

Guest blog by Artemis Marketing

Happy Birthday Google Panda
This week saw the two year anniversary of Google’s first major Panda update to its algorithm. The update has become infamous for the wide ranging variety of websites that it affected, penalising those that were deemed to have only low quality content. It is fair to say the SEO industry was rocked by this huge algorithmic change and many search marketing experts were left scratching their heads as to the best way to combat plummeting rankings as a result of the update.

Move over to mobile

Is your website mobile?

Guest blog by moveovertomobile.co.uk

If you want your business to survive with leads generated through your traditional website you are going to be in for an uphill struggle in 2013. The popularity of smartphones is great for the telecoms industry but why could it have a major effect on your own offline business?

Google has stated that over half of the visitors to your website will come from a smartphone by the end of this year. If you haven't optimized your site for this kind of visitor you may well be losing them to your competitors. Traditional websites are not designed for this new technology, the content is hard to read and the coding makes them slow to load.

For these reasons many large companies such as Facebook, CNN and Google have developed mobile versions of their website. These mobile websites have been designed to load quickly and have an easy to use interface for their users. Due to the success of these mobile websites smaller offline companies have started to use the same concept in order to attract new clients for the services that they offer.

Flaunt Digitial

SEO and PPC - A Good Combo
Guest blog by Flaunt Digital

If you have just started up a website or the one that you have isn’t pulling in enough visitors to make it cost effective then understandably you will start to look into various solutions to bring in the views. There are two main methods for doing that, the first is Search Engine Optimization and

How to add a custom Facebook cover.
Author - Michael Zittel

Adding a Facebook cover to your personal or business page is easy. Let's see how it's done.

First, prepare an image that is 851 pixels high by 315 pixels tall.

*Note: If your cover is for a business page we recommend that your include a PHONE NUMBER, if you want people to call your business direct. And, or, include an arrow to your "LIKE" button. This is particularly important if you are are offering something via a fan gate, which is an excellent way to increase your "likes" and engage your audience.

Official Facebook Cover Photo specs

Since February 24th 2011, Google has been conducting algorithm updates know as Panda. (For those who don't know, the Panda update specifically address quality of content. For example, if your site is mostly duplicate content and spun articles, watch out! The panda may attack you mercilessly. We haven't suffered any attacks. I wouldn't say we've been "cuddled" either, except for some very granular terms, but hey. A little cuddle is way better than an attack. On that note, Google has announce a new update happening today and is effecting 1.3% of all English searches. Were you attacked or cuddled? Please do leave your comments below.

How to Attract and Retain Visitors with Good Web Design

How to Attract and Retain Visitors with Good Web Design
Guest blog by www.piercecommunications.co.uk

There are many factors that go into the development of a good website, and this makes the topic of web design hot and very dynamic. Everyone creates a website to inform the masses, this is why websites are designed to attract and retain visitors. But how exactly do you do that and what principles come into force to ensure that your website is quality, friendly, easy to use, relevant and stylish?

How savvy real estate agents use social media

Many agents and brokers are still doubtful of social media and its benefits to their individual and company brands. Below is a perfect example of how real estate agents and brokerage firms leverage social media to increase traffic and clients.

True Story.

A work associate of mine recently rented an apartment in New York City. After the transaction, the real estate agent who helped him posted a "congratulation" notice to his page on Facebook. "Congratulations on your new apartment John. Thank you for your business."

John "liked" the public shout out on the agents page. One of Johns friend saw Johns "like" and sent John a message via Facebook. It read something like this.

"Hey. When do I get to see the new digs? By they way, I'm looking for an apartment. How did you like working with that guy?" John responded positively, and his friend is now working with the agent to find and apartment in NYC.

The above is an actual story. I changed the names of course, but the essence is of the story is how social media works for agents and brokers alike.

Given this, any agent or brokerage firm that does not invest time in building and maintaining their social media brand is missing out.

On that note, any company that does not leverage social media is missing out.

*To make the "shout out" a bit more personal, the Agent, after the signing and giving the client the keys, the agent could have taken a photo of the Client in their new space. The agent could then also tag the photo with the clients name, and Facebook would have notified the client directly.

*As the Facebook Graph Search function evolves, this type of activity is going to become more, and more important and relevant to people finding info through Facebook.

Facebook’s baby steps in search
Guest Blog by Foob Inc

Facebook unveiled a very much anticipated service in its latest news release. Graph Search is Facebook’s first attempt at building a search engine; however, the way Graph Search operates is not quite the same as Google or Bing.

Investors and the media saw “Facebook search” coming a long time ago. However, nobody knew what shape or form it would take. Many were guessing that Facebook could make use of its massive information on Like data and user profiles to build a customized, socially driven search engine that rivaled Google. The actual result, of Facebook’s first shot at the market, may be a tad disappointing for that group of people.

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