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We have updated our website design and focus of the Serr.biz services. Currently, we are experiencing excellent results from our Local YouTube SEO strategy, and are shifting our focus accordingly. Of course, we will still provide general search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, photography and video production, as they are all inter-related, but we really love making Youtube videos and seeing fast results in the search engines! With that said, here is out newest video.

Local Youtube SEO services overview

Or, you can watch the video directly on Youtube

Sept 2016 Facebook page follow another page

Sept 2016 Facebook page follow another page

Facebook has quietly changing how a business page can follow a different business page. This changed about 6 months ago, and again they've changed with out any announcement. Annoying! However, this time they may have gotten it right. It's super simple now and actually requires far fewer clicks. So, here you go.

3 Appraiser Videos - Maryland SEO company

3 New Appraiser Videos - Maryland SEO company success!

Over the weekend we published three new antique appraisal videos for our client Peenstra Antique Appraisals. You can see the videos below and be sure to check out the related blog posts on the Peenstra blog.

Best Roofing Annapolis Video for Naptown.today

Yesterday we created a new Youtube video for our side project Naptown.today. The video is titled the "Best Roofing Annapolis" and as you can guess from the title the video is all about finding the best roofing company in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding area. You can watch the video below, at Youtube or over on the related roofing page on Naptown.today.

Hispanics watch Youtube more than cable

Here are some interesting stats direct from Google about how hispanic consumers interact and engage with Youtube. Most interesting is that more Hispanics watch Youtube than any cable network. Hmm. Additionally, 60% watch in English, 28% both English and Spanish, while only 12% watch in Spanish most of the time. Hmm. So, an easy conclusion here, is if you want to attract the Hispanic audience specifically, you need to be on Youtube. Plus, it's much less expensive to be on Youtube than on cable or other national TV programs.

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Annapolis Photography - Mill Creek 2016

Last week I took a quick boating trip up Mill Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. We visited Cantler's Riverside Inn for lunch I got a few good blue crab photos as wells as a few moments while on the water. A couple of these images have been accepted over at ShutterStock.com. Just follow this link: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Michael+Zittel. The others are available for reprint upon request. Just give me a call if you want to use any of the photography in graphic design or for personal use. Enjoy.

Launch of FoodieShare.net - Foodies share favorites

Launch of FoodieShare.net

We are please to announce the launch of FoodieShare.net. It's a search engine optimized Wordpress blog where foodies share their favorites. If you are a foodie and want to share your favorite foods, recipes, photos and joints (ie restaurants, delis, farmers markets, niche grocery stores, etc), then just tweet to @foodiesharenet, or apply for a contributor account.

Here are the FoodieShare.net related social brand pages"

Maryland Youtube SEO Success!

Hey there, this is Michael from Serr.biz in Annapolis Maryland, and I just want to point out another Maryland Youtube SEO marketing success. Last week, with the Pokemon Go craze, I made a custom Google Map of where my son and I have found Pokemon in Annapolis. Additionally, I made a simple Youtube video and a Pokemon channel on Naptown.today. After pushing the video and related blog post out through a branded social network, the custom Google Map, Video, Channel on Naptown.today and even a couple of the related graphics I made are all in the top ten of Google for the following search terms:

Naptown.Today Pokemon Go Map Annapolis Maryland

Yesterday we ready a pretty solid article about using Pokemon Go for local retail marketing. In short, unless you are a pre-designated Pokestore or PokeGym, you have to set up "Incense", which has a small fee. However, it's fairly simple and very cost effective according to the article, which you can read here.

SEO tips 2016

Hi there. This is Michael from Serr.biz in Annapolis Maryland. I'm an SEO consultant, and I just want to introduce myself and my services. I've been in the SEO industry since 1999 and after working for a variety of companies I launched Serr.biz in 2003. Since then the search engine optimization industry has changed tremendously. The "build it and they will come model" is dead. Today, there are 40 plus different things you need to do to optimize your website. Essentially, the 40 different things can be categorized as ON SITE SEO and OFF SITE SEO. This brief little video isn't the place to go into full details, but to make it worth your time, follow these simple rules.

Pasadena Maryland Real Estate Marketing

Pasadena Maryland Real Estate YouTube Marketing

Check out the latest real estate marketing video we made for Michael Davis at AnnapolisAreaHomeSearch.com. This two bedrom one bath cottage in Pasadena, Maryland is featured on Naptown.today. If you need real estate marketing videos or related digital advertising, contact us to discuss your needed. If you are interested in visiting / buying the cottage, call Michael Davis at (410) 224-0667.

AdobeAir Popup Bug Fix

The problem:

Today I was testing out a new piece of software that utulizes Adobe Air. I had an old version of Adobe Air install on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. After installing the new software, every time I tried to launch the software, I was asked via pop up to AGREE to the Adobe Air License. After numerous attempts, uninstalling, re-installing the most recent version, restarting the computer, trying out Windows little MicrosoftFixit app, nothing worked. Finally, I find a post on Adobe forums via a Google search of course, and found the answer. It's super simple.

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