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Ten Minutes With Chuck - Interview with Michael Zittel - Video Marketing Consultant

On March 28th 2019, Chuck MacDonald, a local copywriter and blogger, visited the Serr.biz green screen studio in Annapolis to shoot his first "10 Minutes With Chuck" video series. Michael Zittel, the founder of Serr.biz, was the subject of the first ten minute interview. In the interview, Michael gives a quick overview of his career in digital marketing and how Serr.biz has evolved and expanded over the years to become a video marketing, SEO and full service digital marketing consultancy. For the full transcript follow Chuck MacDonald on Facebook as he will be publishing the article shortly.  If you would like to be interviewed on "Ten Minutes With Chuck", contact Chuck via his Facebook page.

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How does video help SEO?


Here is the script for those who prefer to read.

Script of explainer video : How does video help seo?

(Male voice over)

"There are two key elements of SEO.

1) Readable unique content.
2) Quality, relevant back links. (Inbound links from 3rd party websites that have relevant content to your website.)

Contractor seo video marketing case study

Our client, AskAHandyManServices.com successfully used their first construction video to build trust with prospective customers, increase social engagement and gain new clients in their local county. Though the video specifically illustrated the installation of a coffer ceiling, it more than fulfilled its goal as the stats below illustrate.

13 Video phone hacks (tips)

13 Video phone hacks (tips) | How To YouTube

Learn how to YouTube with these 13 great video phone hacks (Tips)

Some companies literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make videos they only share online. Kudos to them. However, this fact often intimidates small business owners. They think they have to have thousands of dollars to make effective videos. Well, that's just a myth. Better video does tend to sell better, but the real question is does your service or product fill a buyers need? Can you, with just your smartphone, have all the tech you need to make a video that engages your audience and sells? Yes. Pretty much everyone has a cell phone with a pretty decent camera/video recorder in their pocket right now. In this tutorial, I've compiled a few solid hacks (aka tips) you can use to make a decent video which speaks to your local clients needs, and shows you have the solution for a customers need.

Joomla 3.8 RSS SEF bug fix via .htaccess

Joomla 3.8 RSS SEF bug fix via .htaccess

Joomla RSS and SEF Bug Fix with .htaccess

Today we found a fixed a bug in Joomla 3.8.11. The problem was with the SEF (search engine freindly) url created for our RSS feed.

For example.
The non-sef url is this:

When url rewriting is turned on, the url becomes this:

Maryland Car Dealer 11 minute SEO results

Maryland Car Dealer SEO results in 11 minutes

Today we made a really simple, static image montage video for a car dealer in Glen Bernie, Maryland. We did so in association with aGreaterTown.com. We banged the video out rather quickly, along with an associated landing page on AGT, then published the video the AGT Youtube channel, which is also new. In less the 11 minutes, the Youtube video and the aGreatertown.com car dealer page were both seen in the top ten of Google for the targeted keyword phrase "Maryland Hummer H1 For Sale." Mind you, this is not an overly competitive term as there are only about 60K page competing for it. However, as part of a longer term strategy to build on and expand the AGT video collection and micro pages within the card dealer profile and direct website, this content marketing tactic will increase the viability of the car dealer over time. Also, we expect, that the YouTube video will drop out in a few days, then re-emerge as either the parent AGT page and/or the dealer page. That is the common course of a new YT video tied to a related text page / parent website. If you would like to learn more about how Serr.biz can help with your car dealer marketing or other SEO needs, request a free seo audit and let's get to know each other a bit before jumping in a relationship. ;)

Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

Glen Burnie Car Dealer SEO Audit

On May 15th, 2017 we ran a lite seo audit for a car dealer in Glen Burnie, MD. Their domain name reflects their brand name and also contains a partial keyword: "auto".

At present they do not have any ranking for the generic search term, "Glen Burnie car dealer". According to Google Adwords, "car dealer" is a three times more popular search phrase vs "auto sales", which is what their home page title keywords target. For the search term "Glen Burnie auto sales" they also have no SERP.

*Curiously, there are no paid advertisers for either of the geo specific search phrases. The estimated cost per click for the two phrase range from $0.65 to $1.34. If nothing else, we recommend this car dealer website initiate a low budget, permanent PPC campaign for their target GEO terms as we find the combination of PPC and SEO wins every time.

SEO Audit for Vacation Rentals

SEO Audit for Vacation Rentals

SEO Audit for Vactaion Rentals

We received request to perform a SEO audit for an old school local directory that wants to now include vacation rentals as part of its SEO. They have asked to stay anonymous, which we have granted.

Starting with a private mode search of Google we discovered the target website, as we suspected, did not rank in the top ten, or twenty, or 100 of Google for the given search term. That phrase, "Vacation Rentals", is extremely competitive with a slew of big name advertisers such has VRBO, AirBNB, Expedia, etc. Those sites, and others, all have extensive content, back links and marketing budgets which will be hard to compete with, unless the target website has millions to invest in content expansion and advertising.

However, it's good to have goals, though we recommend they refine their goals to target hyper-local terms which will produce faster results. IE: City Name vacation rentals.

So, the audit.

Blogger Hosted Anime Website SEO Tips

SEO tips for Anime site hosted on blogger

Over at Quaro there was a request to help improve SEO for an Anime site hosted on Blogger: https://www.animekayo.cf/

To start, we would never host a site on Blogger as there are limitations to what you can do.We only use Blogger as a distribution point for official brand content.

That aside, this site had the following SEO errors.