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Oregon Rehab - Sober lawyer - Video for LIfeboat.press

Oregon Rehab marketing video by Serr.biz

Today we created and launched another rehab marketing video for our spec project Lifeboat.press. It's a simple graphic zoom with the story of an alcoholic lawyer in Portland, Oregon who was the child of an Alcoholic father. She became a perfectionist and a functioning alcoholic, but after her mothers death returned to AA and has stayed sober ever since.

Lifeboat.press - Sober stories of hope & rehab

Serr.biz has started a new spec project called Lifeboat.press, an ever growing collection of personal stories about getting and staying sober along with social news updates from verified rehab centers across the USA. Currently, the site is in a soft launch / partial beta and accepting submission of stories of hope and recovery from people with more than one year of sobriety. To learn more, visit http://www.Lifeboat.press. *Unless requested otherwise, stories of sobriety will be published anonymously. As part of the soft launch, Serr.biz has also created 2 Youtube videos which you can view directly here: New England Rehab - Dual Recovery and 20 below hippy drunk - Alaska rehab
How do I view Facebook business page news feeds

How do I view Facebook business page news feeds?

Yesterday, 3/30/16, Facebook made a change to how a business page manager see the news feeds of the pages your brand is following. Unfortunately, Facebook did not bother to make any sort of announcement about this that we could find. After grinding our teeth for a few hours and searching all about, we found a solution. But, first, here is the problem specifically. Prior to 3/30/16, a person just had to switch from being themselves to their brand identity as normal by going to the page manager channel and "logging" in as the brand identity. Then, the brand page would come up and the social brand manager could then just click 'home' and view the social updates of the pages they were following as their brand identity. Not anymore. The LOGIN and the HOME links are gone.

Annapolis Photography Spring 2016

Over the Easter weekend I had a chance to get to Downtown Annapolis, MD and take some photos for Naptown.today. This Youtube video montage titled "Annapolis Photography Spring 2016" was created from the best photos from a walk around the pier and then up at the Capital building. If you would like to see still photographs, visit the Naptown.today photography blog and filter by the tag springtime2016mz. I will be adding all the still photographs under that tag over the next day or so.

New Facebook Like options - Annapolis SMM

New Facebook "Like" options - Annapolis SMM

Has everyone seen the new Facebook "like" options aka emoticons? If not, just go to your Facebook stream and "like" something. But, before clicking, hesitate a second and you will see fun new suite of emoticon options of like, love, haha, wow, sad and angry. Very fun, very cool, and very about time! Should be interesting to see how these new options play out in social media marketing.

Watch video of New Facebook Like Options on YouTube


Google Local Business Cards coming soon

Google Local Business Cards coming soon?

According to an article by Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land, Google is experimenting with select local businesses to now show a Local Business Card directly in the search results related to the brand using the tool. The tool is, apparently, the same as the one used for the Candidate Card, which Google released back in January 2016. An example of how the "card" information displays can be seen by searching "Healthy Choice Massage". Ahealthychoicemassage, a small local business in Lincoln, NE not only shows up as the standard business listing to the right of the search results, but now also has a carousal of specific posts they made using the tool. Cool. Evidently, the tool will not only allow for static images, but animated gifs, video and text messages up to 14,400 characters. Currently, this tool is only available to select business and there is no clear why to get on a waiting list or any indication if the tool will become a permanent function. However, if it does become available to the public, this will be an excellent opportunity for small business owners to further control, to a degree, what is seen in the search results regarding their brand. Additionally, it may also help Google increase its social network market share. We'll see.

View on Youtube

Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Yesterday, as I mentioned in a previous post, we created a web marketing video for our client CBOstyle.com. Because of the way we structured the clients social network of primary and secondary profiles, the video, in literally 10 minutes, made it's way to the top of Google for the search term "St Michaels sandals". Now, before we toot our horn to loud, lets be honest. "St Michaels Sandals" is a very, hyper-local search term. Being number one for that term is not going to help my client buy a yatch. However, it is a start. Over time, the as we build more web marketing videos for the client, combined with social media optimization and on-site technical seo of their site (CBOstyle.com), which we have not done yet, the video, the website and their related social profiles should have a steady increase of organic traffic for, at least, St Michaels MD related search terms.

Watch the Annapolis SEO - St Michaels video directly at YouTube here.

Update 3-7-2016.

Over the weekend, the actual YouTube video in question dropped out of the top ten, but the clients FB page, which also has the video on its wall, is number one for the search term. And, the clients Google Map page is also listed with a premium position. Interesting.

Chesapeake Bay Outfitters, St Michaels Maryland

We have begun working with a new client Chesapeake Bay Outfitters in St Michaels, Maryland. They are a boutique specialty shop that offers men and woman's clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry and home decor gift items that are emblematic of the Chesapeake Bay life style. Their popular brands include Uggs, Sperry, etc. Of course, as perk of working with Serr.biz, we have a created a featured listing on SocialBrandsToday.com. To learn more about Chesapeake Bay Outfitters, visit their website directly at CBOstyle.com and for be sure to visit their SocialBrandsToday.com social brand page to find and follow them in the prime social networks. Chesapeake Bay Outfitters Official Social Brand Pages
How often should I email clients?

Just watched this video. It was worth it, even though you have to subscribe to their newsletter. Some interesting ideas. The short answer of the question, "How often should I email clients?"... is 5 times per week. 3 on. 1 off. 2 on. 1 off. Segmented customers who ask for more, get more via segmented re-opt-in. Watch the video for that means. ‪#‎emailmarketing‬ ‪#‎annapolis‬ ‪#‎maryland‬

Worth the watch. Some interesting ideas. The short answer of the question, "How often should I email clients?", is 5...

Posted by Serrbiz on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Is the wrong email landing page killing sales?

Baltimore - Is the wrong email landing page killing sales?

Recently we received a small web help request from client who manages a popular ecommerce store based in Maryland. Specifically, she received a notice from a board member that his wife could not easily find a specific product the company had sent an email blast about. Having reviewed the complaint, and tested their platform we discovered that the problem was a common mistake many email marketers make: Linking to a generic landing page.

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