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SEO tips 2016

SEO tips 2016

Hi there. This is Michael from Serr.biz in Annapolis Maryland. I'm an SEO consultant, and I just want to introduce myself and my services. I've been in the SEO industry since 1999 and after working for a variety of companies I launched Serr.biz in 2003. Since then the search engine optimization industry has changed tremendously. The "build it and they will come model" is dead. Today, there are 40 plus different things you need to do to optimize your website. Essentially, the 40 different things can be categorized as ON SITE SEO and OFF SITE SEO. This brief little video isn't the place to go into full details, but to make it worth your time, follow these simple rules.

New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

New Custom Youtube Video for CBOStyle

Check out the latest video Serr.biz made for Chesapeake Bay Outfitters in Saint Michaels Maryland. It's titled "Sperry Your Life". The video announces the new shop-n-shop display of Sperry footwear at the Chesapeake Bay Outfitters retail store. The video has been incorporated into the home page of CBOstyle.com and promtoed through their network. The script was written and voiced by Michael Zittel. Images were provided by Sperry and CBO.

Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Learn how to connect Google Analytics and views to Your Adwords Account

Question: How do I link my Adwords account to my Google Analytics account and have it show up in multiple views?

Requirements: Must have a Google Adwords account as well as a Google Analytics account that use the SAME email address. You must also have EDIT permissions for the Google Analytics account you want to connect.

#Youtube adds #hastags - Use for SEO!

#Youtube adds #hashtags - Use for SEO!

Google announced today via the YouTube : Creator Monthly newsletter that they have now added #hashtag functionality to YouTube. We gave it a quick test by search for Bernie as a keyword and as a hashtag. From the search results in the video you can see that yes, indeed, using a #hashtag in the search produced different results, and in this case, a video that was created about 5 hours ago moved to the top ten of YouTube search results. Cool. Now, marketers, have yet another simple tool to get into the top ten of, at least, YouTube search results. And, if combined with brand marketing and a unique search term #hashtag, should be able to maintain consistent top level ranking in both YouTube as well as Google proper.
Google Local Business Cards coming soon

Google SEO - Local Business Cards coming soon

Google Local Business Cards coming soon?

According to an article by Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land, Google is experimenting with select local businesses to now show a Local Business Card directly in the search results related to the brand using the tool. The tool is, apparently, the same as the one used for the Candidate Card, which Google released back in January 2016. An example of how the "card" information displays can be seen by searching "Healthy Choice Massage". Ahealthychoicemassage, a small local business in Lincoln, NE not only shows up as the standard business listing to the right of the search results, but now also has a carousal of specific posts they made using the tool. Cool. Evidently, the tool will not only allow for static images, but animated gifs, video and text messages up to 14,400 characters. Currently, this tool is only available to select business and there is no clear why to get on a waiting list or any indication if the tool will become a permanent function. However, if it does become available to the public, this will be an excellent opportunity for small business owners to further control, to a degree, what is seen in the search results regarding their brand. Additionally, it may also help Google increase its social network market share. We'll see.

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Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Yesterday, as I mentioned in a previous post, we created a web marketing video for our client CBOstyle.com. Because of the way we structured the clients social network of primary and secondary profiles, the video, in literally 10 minutes, made it's way to the top of Google for the search term "St Michaels sandals". Now, before we toot our horn to loud, lets be honest. "St Michaels Sandals" is a very, hyper-local search term. Being number one for that term is not going to help my client buy a yatch. However, it is a start. Over time, the as we build more web marketing videos for the client, combined with social media optimization and on-site technical seo of their site (CBOstyle.com), which we have not done yet, the video, the website and their related social profiles should have a steady increase of organic traffic for, at least, St Michaels MD related search terms.

Watch the Annapolis SEO - St Michaels video directly at YouTube here.

Update 3-7-2016.

Over the weekend, the actual YouTube video in question dropped out of the top ten, but the clients FB page, which also has the video on its wall, is number one for the search term. And, the clients Google Map page is also listed with a premium position. Interesting.

New web marketing video for CBOStyle.com

Yesterday we created and published a web marketing video for CBOstyle.com. Take a look.

Google Boots Wix

Seems WIX sites are being de-indexed by Google. If you are a WIX user, might be time to consider a different solution. Here's a thread over at Google Forums where people are talking about the issue and, as of this post, complaining about WIX not doing anything to resolve it.https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/Io8DzTgfess/discussion

MOZ Domain Authority and NEW Extensions

MOZ Domain Authority and NEW Extensions - Wait for it..

MOZ domain authority and new domain extensions 2015

Some months ago we bought some new domains with the new extensions like .company, .today, etc. Though both domains are ranking well in the SERPS for their respective keywords, we've noticed that the Moz Domain Authority has held steady at 1, which every new site gets.

Patience, we thought. Patience. Well, finally we asked MOZ directly if they have issues and the new domain extensions, and what do you know?

YES, MOZ is having problems with setting domain authority for new domain extensions with Mozscape API connected products like the Firefox browser plugin. Here is what they said specifically on the FB conversation we had..

"You are correct. Unfortunately, we're still working on upgrades to our tools in order to better serve the new domain extensions. Right now, they are not working. We expect this work to be done within the first half of 2015...Specfically this affects our Mozscape API, which is used for DA, PA, and our OSE tool. Moz Analytics and our other tools are just fine with the new extensions."

So, there you have it. If you have a domain with a NEW extension such .gallery, .company, .today, etc, your domain authority will not change from 1 until some time in the first half of this year.

Does that mean you should not continue working on building great content and your in-bound marketing efforts? Of course not. It just means we have to wait little longer until the new domain extensions have been incorporated into MOZ. When they are, your sites DA and PA should increase dramatically if you've been practicing good content and in-bound marketing strategies.