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Got a friend request from a stranger today. See image below. Note it says the person works at "Facebook and has the official title of "Facebook Online Lottery Claiming Agent." Hmm. I didn't know FB ran a lottery but who knows? One of the founders of twitter just donated 1/3rd of their stock to the employees. It wouldn't surprise me if they did, but I doubt it. I checked Google. There is a whole slew of references to the Facebook Lottery scam. So, if a strange asked to be friends on Facebook and they claim to an agent of the Facebook Lottery, just delete / report it to Facebook.

Facebook Lottery Scam - Beware!

Instagram desktop GRamblr vs Bluestacks vs Hootsuite

Desktop Instagram Gramblr vs Blue Stack vs Hootsuite

Have you ever been annoyed that Instagram doesn't have a function to post photographs directly from your desktop? Join the club. It some sort of mis-guided decision to only allow mobile publishing, Instagram has unnecessarily burdened serious graphic designers, photographers and marketing companies with wasting time uploading images through mobile only. Ugh.

However, there is some small hope.

Currently, there are 3 primary solutions for uploading images from your desktop to your Instagram account. They are Gramblr, Blue Stacks and Hootsuite.

We have tested all three.

Joomla tags with some templates may cause duplicate content, which we all know is a problem for Google and other search engines.  Here is an example.

The tags which show up with Artisteer templates under a content item generate an sef like this.


The sef generated by the Joomla tag menu link generates a link like this.


This  is core router issue which we didn't have time to resolve at this writing.  However, the quick fix is to use a .htaccess rule.  Here it is.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/component/tags/tag/(.*)$ /tags/$1

What this does is look for urls with /component/tags/tag/ and rewrites it as /tags/.

This will resolve the duplicate content issue.

*To help Google find your TAGS, be sure to add a menu link somewhere, and be sure to install this TAG extension for xmap.


*A related issue is the menu tag items do not have unique titles. We are looking into that as well.

Recently we did a new install to Joomla 3.4. All was well. After we installed xmap we started getting an error in the admin control panel.  It looked like this.

joomla 3.4 _weblinks' doesn't exist

Turns out Joomla 3.4 no longer installs the previously default Weblinks component, which we never used anyway.  But, apparently, xmap references it.  The easy solution was to install the weblinks component which can be found here. https://github.com/joomla-extensions/weblinks/releases

Just install it, and the error goes away.



Linked In - More than finding a job

How LinkedIn Can Do More Than Just Attract Jobseekers
LinkedIn offers a great job posting service that employers and jobseekers alike find easy and intuitive to use. But this is not where the value of LinkedIn ends for businesses. This platform is just as powerful for marketing as Facebook or Twitter – if you take advantage of its unique features. Where other social media sites are geared toward updates and messaging, LinkedIn is focused on groups and profiles.
There are numerous venues for discussion and connection that can make excellent business-to-business networking opportunities. Let’s explore some of the ways a business can take advantage of this excellent platform to generate sales leads and more.
Get It Online, Make It Great
Just as with any other social media platform, the more effort and enthusiasm you put into your profile and activities, the more valuable it will be. There are many features of LinkedIn that businesses are taking advantage of in unique ways.

Find top social brands each month

HootSuite Love List

Ever wonder who the top social brands are? Wonder no more. Check out Hootsuite's LOVE LIST, which compiles a list of the top 450 social brands based not only on likes and followers but also on a big data from their uberUV platform. They combine the following items to determine a companies score.

3 tips to boost social media marketing

3 Tips to Boost Social Media Marketing

Everyone is talking about how social media is the latest, greatest marketing platform. There are so many ways to reach people and to understand what they want and why, it almost seems like a no-brainer. However, many do not seem to believe that social media can work for them or have failed to generate the desired results. This could be due to strategy, tactics, or the emphasis of the campaign.

For professionals falling in the category of skeptics, or those simply stuck with how to take advantage of these platforms, keep the following ways to use social media to boost sales and drive profit margins in mind.

5 Secrets to GOOD SEO writer

5 Secrets of a Good SEO Writer

SEO writers are experts at optimizing text content online in such a manner that that specific page is highly likely to turn up in first search results. SEO is a very common concept but not everyone can master it as it requires a strategic mind and techniques to be implemented. SEO writers are a big part of SEO services and SEO firms and they are specialized in their field of work. Here are 5 secrets that make SEO writers so good at their work:

Big data and social media
How Big Data and Social Media Are Intertwined

On the show Mad Men, the cast of characters working at a fictional advertising firm in New York City in the 1960s frequently agonize over their “audience.” Who are the customers their client wants to reach, and what do they really want?

In 2015, this almost seems like a quaint problem, as consumers are volunteering in droves to publish personal information online in social media profiles. However, many businesses struggle to find the answers to those same questions the Mad Men were asking half a century ago.

Major firms, such as Goldman Sachs, are taking big bets on the power of social media to generate data that will drive business decisions. No longer are suited men in smoky board rooms making “gut” decisions; it is “decision engineers” with billions of data points running complex analysis that drive business in the contemporary market.

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