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How do I create a LinkedIn company page?


1) Set up an official company email with the specified domain name. IE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) Create the following images in their respective sizes.
-cover Image must be 646 x 220 pixels or larger.
-Logo 100x60
-Logo 50x50
*We used a 350x350 logo which was auto-sized.

Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Short Answer: Yes. It's free and good for branding as well as SEO and more. If you don't have one yet, here is a tutorial. If you need more convincing, read on.

Longer answer:

LINKEDIN is an online social networking website for professionals, with a user database access of over 120million people LINKEDIN has carved a niche for itself in the social media technological race, reaching out to professionals all over the world with skills and expertise that’s needed by companies, corporations and organizations at large. This brings us to the discussion of the functional importance of LINKEDIN page for businesses as vs the personal LINKEDIN page.

Should business owners join Google communities?

Should business owners join Google communities?

The short answer is YES.

But, first, lets talk about one of the major principles in business. How to grow your business. Now there are a lot of ways to grow a business, you can try advertising, licensing your product, join a business expo, and all those marketing strategies to get your business out there. The bottom line is, it’s about getting your business out there, drawing people in, and making sales. Once you’ve accomplished the latter, then the sales will eventually come.

Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people

Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people? In this article "The Secret To Turning the World Into Your Publisher" over at Klout, they explore how the people behind a brand, and the people who follow the brand are what make social media effective, not a particular platform. In the article, hip hop legend Funk Flex, explained how he lost market share when he focused to much on MySpace. He forgot, or neglected, the people. Since then, he's focused more on his own web site, and utilizes a variety of social networks to engage people. The three take away points are

2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

Making sure that Facebook grabs the right photo for your Joomla content when sharing is important. However, Joomla, by default does NOT incorporate Open Graph tags, though it should. No worries though. There are a variety of paid and free plugins. We tested the following 2 free version. Neither is perfect as a free solution, but what do you want for FREE? Of the two, we recommend Links with Article Images On Facebook.

How do I create a Google Plus business page?

How to create a Google Plus page for business?


1) To have a Google Plus account, you first need to set up a GMAIL account.

2) Prepare profile picture of at least 250px by 250px and a cover image of at least 900px x 500px.

3) Decide which type of account you will want: Local business, organization, community, etc. If you are a local business serving a GEO specific location, or just want to take advantage of GOOGLE MAP listings, which often show above non-map listing, create a LOCAL account.

Are You Looking for a Good Online Reputation?

Good online reputation is vital for every individual, business as well as every online marketing department. If it’s not the truth, then it shouldn’t be far from it to say building good reputation gives you a competitive edge over other businesses in your niche, and apart from that, it helps your site convert ‘just’ web surfers into prospective buyers.
With good online reputation, the truth is that visitors will be attracted to your brand/product (s) as well as love to do business with you, which in the long run would boost your chance to earn substantial amount of money. Nobody wants to do business with a company with bad online reputation!

However, while offering quality services and timely delivery plus 24/7 customer service are the best way to maintain good online reputation, hiring a reliable reputation management company in possession of result-getting online reputation management tools can do wonders. When it comes to internet reputation management, one of the best companies you can trust to deliver quality management services is http://repairbadreputation.com/

Christmas marketing online seo

The Christmas season presents itself before you! Yet you falter with your feeble attempts to try and push your sales to the limit. You console yourself by claiming that this year will not be like the last. So it is time to make things right again, its all about working less and using your brain more. This time around time will be your most essential tool, and it will bring you one step closer to the almighty golden Christmas sales. Now its time to figure out where to begin.

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