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Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is becoming a major part of the internet. With this in mind, more and more companies are turning to social media every year. They can see the power inherent in it, the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, developing relationships with influential personalities, and drastically increase their annual profits. The problem, as many companies are quickly realizing, is that effectively using social media is harder than they thought. Far too many people are making the same mistakes.

THe social firm - Trends in mobile marketing 2014

Trends in Mobile Marketing: Responsive Content

Mobile marketing, which was once an emerging channel, is now an established part of every digital marketing strategy. Each year, experts predict that this will be the ‘year of mobile marketing,’ but it is becoming truer all the time. Business executives and marketing gurus from every industry agree that companies should be seeking to leverage the following mobile marketing trends in the coming months:

The online marketing world is changing at a rapid rate, usually in response to Google updates, software developments or consumer demand. So how does the local brick and mortar business cope with the flurry of changes demanding you change at the same pace?

Information availability is the key. This is true both in the context of what’s being provided as well as means of access. Consumers want current information, want it now, want it with reliability and accessible through their smartphone and favorite social media sites. All businesses need to have comprehensive online marketing strategies to survive in the fast paced internet marketing world.

No. You wear this stupid hat and sweater to school

Photo description: Boy in English country cap and a gray sweater, Mickey Mouse shirt, shorts, white socks and blue gray shoes is taking the sweater off and with a pissy face says in a text bubble, "No, you wear this stupid hat and sweater to school."

The holidays are nearly here and our thoughts are turning with the season . Last night, our pooch looked hopefully on as we ate a snack in the family room. I took a photo, and made this humorous meme. Enjoy. *Of course, he did get a snack.
Dog in front of fire, with a look that says, you are going to share, right?

We also added the ASPCA to our new non profit channel. Check out all the ASPCA social profiles here. Or, directly at their website.

Google Plus Cover Size 480x270 - November 2013

Google Plus cover image changed again - November 2013

Google Plus has changed the cover image layout and cover image yet again. Now, the minimum is 480x270 px. Depending on how you formatted that last image size change, which was ridiculously large, it may look ok. However, you won't know until you log in an check yourself. The new image size is a minimum of 480x270 px. As you can see there is plenty of room to make it larger, just keep the aspect ratio the same.


Darn nice of my humans - Dog humor

Description - An older brindle boxer sleeps on a red velvet sofa. His head is on the pillow. In a thought bubble he thinks, "Darn nice of my humans to buy
this red velvet sofa for me. They need to clean up the slobber though..after I wake up, of course."

Image source: SocialProfiles.us

Good stuff!

This video was recorded by OfferPop during the special Twitter seminar called "How Top Brands Engage Consumers.".
Here are our raw notes which we will be exploring in more depth later:
Twitter great for customer service. Larger brands have multiple twitter handles. One dedicated to custom support.
AE uses Twitter heavily for "games", contests, etc.
Favorite "shout outs" from customers or third parties that reference you.
Ecommerce sweepstakes - referral - share with a friend and you both can win
Conversational vs dictating - Is this how you speak with your friends?
Share humor, establish brand personality, voice of the brand
Bringing brands to life.
Establish a brand "language" guideline.
Define goals. Establish KPI's.
Biggest challenge data analysis
Visuals, visuals, visuals!
Visual content drives twice the engagement.
Design content for specific platforms vs just reposing same item across all platforms. *Generally, people have a preferred platform.
Limit updates to one "link".
For those in a position of having Sponsorships in posts, the sponsorship has to provide relevant value to audience.
Based on analytics of your profiles, establish a regular schedule.
As always follow 80/20 rule.
Who is your organization is the "brand voice" gate keeper?
Prime social KPI's - engagement, reach and growth.
Of your followers, who are the "influencer"?
Fun campaign is random gifts to "influencers".
Your social profile, foot print, is part of your companies value.
What are your goals? What are your goals? What your goals?

Google Launches App Indexing

Google App Indexing

Google introduces APP indexing

Got a Droid app and website? You are in luck. Google is currently testing a new service called App Indexing. Here is how Google describes it.

"Google is working with app developers and webmasters to index the content of apps and relate them to websites. When relevant, Google Search results on Android will include deep links to apps."

Government IT pros duped by a smart, pretty social profile

Pretty faced hacker

(Image source - CC - Flickr)

In an officially sanctioned "penetration test" by an undisclosed cyber security team, experts penetrated a government agency by creating a fake social profile of a woman named Emily Williams. They presented her as a smart, MIT grad working in the IT sector. They used a real woman's picture, established her "credibility" via Linkedin, Facebook, university forums, etc.

Social Media as a Gateway

by Anny Solway at ThemeFuse.com

Social as gateway

It’s important not to confuse the tool with the job where social media is concerned. Social media websites have some significant advantages to them as marketing tools when compared to other options. For instance, the biggest investment that businesses have to make in their social media campaign is the time that they put into it, rather than money.

Just as the point of using a hammer is to build a house, not to pound the nail, using social media is not really an end in and of itself. Social media is a means to an end and it’s important to keep this in mind.

What’s the Goal?

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