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MOZ Domain Authority and NEW Extensions - Wait for it..

MOZ domain authority and new domain extensions 2015

Some months ago we bought some new domains with the new extensions like .company, .today, etc. Though both domains are ranking well in the SERPS for their respective keywords, we've noticed that the Moz Domain Authority has held steady at 1, which every new site gets.

Patience, we thought. Patience. Well, finally we asked MOZ directly if they have issues and the new domain extensions, and what do you know?

YES, MOZ is having problems with setting domain authority for new domain extensions with Mozscape API connected products like the Firefox browser plugin. Here is what they said specifically on the FB conversation we had..

"You are correct. Unfortunately, we're still working on upgrades to our tools in order to better serve the new domain extensions. Right now, they are not working. We expect this work to be done within the first half of 2015...Specfically this affects our Mozscape API, which is used for DA, PA, and our OSE tool. Moz Analytics and our other tools are just fine with the new extensions."

So, there you have it. If you have a domain with a NEW extension such .gallery, .company, .today, etc, your domain authority will not change from 1 until some time in the first half of this year.

Does that mean you should not continue working on building great content and your in-bound marketing efforts? Of course not. It just means we have to wait little longer until the new domain extensions have been incorporated into MOZ. When they are, your sites DA and PA should increase dramatically if you've been practicing good content and in-bound marketing strategies.

Snake Photo Bomb!

When taking a selfie, be sure your pet snake doesn't photo bomb you.

Snake photo bomb!

Source: Joe Griffith

Thanks for sharing Joe!

Have a personality - Now that's good social!

Have a personality - Now that's good Social - Waterworks.

Source : Waterworks Facebook

One of of the biggest mistakes small and large companies make with social media marketing is they forget the "social". Everything they do is old school marketing - sell, sell, sell! That's a sure fire way to kill your social media audience. People want to know about brand. They want to know the people and personalities behind the brand. They not only want this, they need it. They need to feel there is some humanity behind it all. Of course, brands have to be careful not to stray into politics or religion (Unless of course that is part of their mission), but they should definitely reveal their human side. Even though corporations are legally considered people in America, corporations are not really people. People are what make a corporation and people are what make social media marketing successful. And, on that note, the above holiday meme, I thought was a very clever, and a fun way to show the people behind the large luxury brand WaterWorks. (They are an international bath and kitchen company known for quality, artisan products and are beloved by the interior design community).

Well done WaterWorks. Well Done!

Most SEO and online marketing professionals know the Google tool bar Page Rank stopped being an effective indicator of a websites authority about a year ago. However, there is still tons of sites trying to sell advertising based on their websites "Page Rank" as well as individual companies obsessing about why their page rank has not gone up despite all their efforts of good brand seo.

Though Google still uses PR in the back end of the algorithm, they have said in their typical sideways fashion, they are most likely NOT going to be updating PR again. John Mueller from the Google Switzerland team said this in a video post to the official Google Webmaster channel.

Social Media Tips
How to Create a Social Media Campaign that Matters
Social media integration into a website is incredibly important for anyone who wants to take complete advantage of its massive potential. A website that seamlessly integrates, promotes and includes social media as a part of its overall marketing strategy is one that puts itself in a strong place for success. But, how do you do that and what do you need to look out for? Well below we’re going to show you the best practices to ensure you get the most from social media when adding it to your website.

How do I create a LinkedIn company page?


1) Set up an official company email with the specified domain name. IE: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) Create the following images in their respective sizes.
-cover Image must be 646 x 220 pixels or larger.
-Logo 100x60
-Logo 50x50
*We used a 350x350 logo which was auto-sized.

Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Should every business should have a LINKED IN company page?

Short Answer: Yes. It's free and good for branding as well as SEO and more. If you don't have one yet, here is a tutorial. If you need more convincing, read on.

Longer answer:

LINKEDIN is an online social networking website for professionals, with a user database access of over 120million people LINKEDIN has carved a niche for itself in the social media technological race, reaching out to professionals all over the world with skills and expertise that’s needed by companies, corporations and organizations at large. This brings us to the discussion of the functional importance of LINKEDIN page for businesses as vs the personal LINKEDIN page.

Should business owners join Google communities?

Should business owners join Google communities?

The short answer is YES.

But, first, lets talk about one of the major principles in business. How to grow your business. Now there are a lot of ways to grow a business, you can try advertising, licensing your product, join a business expo, and all those marketing strategies to get your business out there. The bottom line is, it’s about getting your business out there, drawing people in, and making sales. Once you’ve accomplished the latter, then the sales will eventually come.

Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people

Is the secret to effective social brand marketing the people? In this article "The Secret To Turning the World Into Your Publisher" over at Klout, they explore how the people behind a brand, and the people who follow the brand are what make social media effective, not a particular platform. In the article, hip hop legend Funk Flex, explained how he lost market share when he focused to much on MySpace. He forgot, or neglected, the people. Since then, he's focused more on his own web site, and utilizes a variety of social networks to engage people. The three take away points are

2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

2 Facebook Open Graph plugins for Joomla 3.3

Making sure that Facebook grabs the right photo for your Joomla content when sharing is important. However, Joomla, by default does NOT incorporate Open Graph tags, though it should. No worries though. There are a variety of paid and free plugins. We tested the following 2 free version. Neither is perfect as a free solution, but what do you want for FREE? Of the two, we recommend Links with Article Images On Facebook.

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