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Most Common Social Media Mistakes

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Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Social media is becoming a major part of the internet. With this in mind, more and more companies are turning to social media every year. They can see the power inherent in it, the ability to reach thousands of potential customers, developing relationships with influential personalities, and drastically increase their annual profits. The problem, as many companies are quickly realizing, is that effectively using social media is harder than they thought. Far too many people are making the same mistakes.

Old thoughts, new media

The older a company is, the more likely it is to be stuck in old fashioned thinking. Marketing has been done the same way for many decades. The arrival of the internet changed all that. Simple advertising and sales copy are no longer as effective as they once were.

One of the first mistakes many companies make is that they approach social media with an out dated way of thinking. Social media is all about interaction, it’s about connecting with other people because they actively want to connect with you. They are not very likely to respond well to impersonal advertisements and old fashioned marketing. They want to connect with someone like them.

Buy this

For a long time, marketing has always been told to focus on increasing sales or client numbers. This has been the objective for so long that many people have lost site of the real purpose of marketing. Many companies are trying to use social media platforms to get users to buy something and this is a fairly common mistake.

Marketing on social media is not terribly effective when it’s too sales oriented. It needs to be entertaining, informative, and exciting. Most importantly, however, it needs to be used to convey some sort of image or personality. Social media marketing efforts need to focus on giving users a reason to connect with you. Once they do, they will be more likely to become customers when they are exposed to traditional marketing at a later time.

Me me me

Marketing has also always been very focused on the company. The typical dialogue has been only in one direction. The advertising speaks to the customer but it does not listen or respond. This is another big mistake that companies are making on a very regular basis.

Social media works best when it is a two way street. You should resist the urge to speak at your customers and try to establish a real dialogue. The greatest benefit of social media is the ability to interact with people from all over the world. This interaction is what your marketing efforts should be focused on. Don’t speak at your customers, speak with them.

Change your perspective

When it comes to social media, companies make a lot of mistakes. Most of these mistakes, however, seem to stem from attempts to apply old theories to a new system. The ability to market through social media is something marketers of years past could only dream of. If you want to get the most out of it, you’ll need to approach it in a new way.

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