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Trends in Mobile Marketing 2014

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THe social firm - Trends in mobile marketing 2014

Trends in Mobile Marketing: Responsive Content

Mobile marketing, which was once an emerging channel, is now an established part of every digital marketing strategy. Each year, experts predict that this will be the ‘year of mobile marketing,’ but it is becoming truer all the time. Business executives and marketing gurus from every industry agree that companies should be seeking to leverage the following mobile marketing trends in the coming months:

Responsive Web Design

While the explosion of mobile devices and technologies has allowed for fresh and creative marketing techniques and strategies, it has also developed new audience demands. Once a customer or reader has tasted just a small amount of responsive web design, it’s hard to go back to standard web design. If past trends are any indication of future progression, responsive web design will quickly become a necessity. People want to be able to consume content when they want, how they want, and where they want. Responsive web design allows for seamless transition from desktop to tablet to phone, without sacrificing quality or content. Successful mobile marketers will find themselves spending less time creating unique strategies for each medium and more time developing responsive content.


Real-time, location-based marketing, also known as geo-targeting, is one of the fastest growing trends in mobile marketing. Stacey Tozer, marketing director at MappedIn, says “Targeting consumers with relevant products to purchase while they are in the location will make mobile marketing more relevant and less intrusive, changing the way mobile marketing is executed.” That right there is the key. Mobile marketing has always felt like an invasion of privacy or a nuisance in the past, but things are quickly changing. Imagine receiving personalized coupons for a company while shopping in their store. That’s geo-targeting, and that’s where mobile marketing is already headed.

Rich Media Messaging

Along with the geo-targeting trend, rich media messaging has been growing in popularity as a useful mobile marketing channel. For quite some time, SMS has been the preferred form of text message marketing (and a rather unsuccessful one at that), but things are changing. MMS marketing is exploding, with marketers experiencing a 40 percent year-on-year growth rate in 2014. Rich media messaging allows for MMS advertisements to automatically adapt to the specific device receiving the message (no longer will Android users have to become frustrated when they are unable to open iPhone messages) and has open rates of over 99 percent.

Higher Quality Data

Developments in mobile data mining and analytics are allowing marketers to better understand the type of content mobile users prefer to consume and how they like to consume it. This reduces animosity between marketer and consumer and allows for growth that benefits both parties. Look for effective data extraction to continue, developing a better mobile marketing experience for everyone involved.

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