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Facebook Page Layout Changes Coming April 6th - Don't Panic

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Facebook page layout changes coming April 6th - Don't panic

New Facebook Page Updates Coming April 16th - Don't Panic

This morning, while checking a notification on one of my clients Facebook pages, there was a notice from FB. I had the choice of updating the page to the new layout now, or it would happen automatically on April 6th.

Whenever I see a notice from Facebook, or that any of the social networks are making a change to the layout of their pages, a bit of panic rises. "Now I probably have to change all the cover photo's, avatars on all my client sites in addition to the normal work flow." That is one of the challenges with social media: Change, change, change. The platforms seem to be constantly changing, and not always for the better. Look at the Google Plus Cover Image fiasco of monster cover photo's last year. They went from a normal size, to a monster size, to a normal size in less than six months. Anyway, this time, I am happy to tell you don't panic. The new Facebook page changes are actually super easy, make sense, and do not require any cover image changes. It's really just layout and functionality. So, if you are being notified to change but are not sure what is going to happen, take at look at the screenshots below. You'll see two the changes are related to the admin functions, which public users will never see. Those changes will actually make it easier to see important stats vs the old style as you can see in the photo's below. And, the 3rd change, is to the timeline. Your "info" and Like Count will be moved to the left column under the avatar and status updates will be in the right column.

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Whew! Well done Facebook. Your changes will actually make administration functions easier to use. Thanks. My only suggestion for improvement would be to offer a "preview" of changes vs the "do it now, or we'll do it for you." approach.

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