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4 Essential Questions For Successful Online Marketing in 2014

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The online marketing world is changing at a rapid rate, usually in response to Google updates, software developments or consumer demand. So how does the local brick and mortar business cope with the flurry of changes demanding you change at the same pace?

Information availability is the key. This is true both in the context of what’s being provided as well as means of access. Consumers want current information, want it now, want it with reliability and accessible through their smartphone and favorite social media sites. All businesses need to have comprehensive online marketing strategies to survive in the fast paced internet marketing world.

4 questions to ask yourself or your IT guru are:

  1. Is the information up to date? Your website content needs to be up to the minute with every last detail to draw in your prospective client’s interest and loyalty. Industry news and events as well as its impact on your clients must engender confidence, credibility and trust in your brand. They must enjoy your site and be enthusiastic about checking in on a regular basis. You may need to think of some original and novel ways to achieve this.

  2. Is my website mobile friendly? With the continuing growth of smartphones, people want information faster and instantly. Your website needs to be able to accommodate accessibility from mobile devices. Just because a person is able to access your website from a smartphone doesn’t mean it’s going to look right unless you make it so. The mobile audience is growing rapidly and driving the consumer demand for accessibility.

  3. Does my business have a brand that’s present on social media sites? The increasing love of the search engines and public for social media sites behooves business owners to keep up with the pace in this area and develop their own social media strategies. Regular updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and most importantly Google+, are an essential minimum. Always remember you get public love and search engine love through these sites.

  4. Is my brand and website, image and video savvy? It’s not enough to just have a presence. You must have a presence that has a memorable impact. A presence that people will like, share and remember. A presence that will make people want to take the next step on the marketing journey with you. The style and quality of your images and videos reflects the style and quality of your business. If you want to look really professional then your videos should be of a professional standard.

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