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Twitter NYC Seminar - Bonobos, A&E and Gilt

Good stuff!

This video was recorded by OfferPop during the special Twitter seminar called "How Top Brands Engage Consumers.".
Here are our raw notes which we will be exploring in more depth later:
Twitter great for customer service. Larger brands have multiple twitter handles. One dedicated to custom support.
AE uses Twitter heavily for "games", contests, etc.
Favorite "shout outs" from customers or third parties that reference you.
Ecommerce sweepstakes - referral - share with a friend and you both can win
Conversational vs dictating - Is this how you speak with your friends?
Share humor, establish brand personality, voice of the brand
Bringing brands to life.
Establish a brand "language" guideline.
Define goals. Establish KPI's.
Biggest challenge data analysis
Visuals, visuals, visuals!
Visual content drives twice the engagement.
Design content for specific platforms vs just reposing same item across all platforms. *Generally, people have a preferred platform.
Limit updates to one "link".
For those in a position of having Sponsorships in posts, the sponsorship has to provide relevant value to audience.
Based on analytics of your profiles, establish a regular schedule.
As always follow 80/20 rule.
Who is your organization is the "brand voice" gate keeper?
Prime social KPI's - engagement, reach and growth.
Of your followers, who are the "influencer"?
Fun campaign is random gifts to "influencers".
Your social profile, foot print, is part of your companies value.
What are your goals? What are your goals? What your goals?
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