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Social media as a gateway

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Social Media as a Gateway

by Anny Solway at ThemeFuse.com

Social as gateway

It’s important not to confuse the tool with the job where social media is concerned. Social media websites have some significant advantages to them as marketing tools when compared to other options. For instance, the biggest investment that businesses have to make in their social media campaign is the time that they put into it, rather than money.

Just as the point of using a hammer is to build a house, not to pound the nail, using social media is not really an end in and of itself. Social media is a means to an end and it’s important to keep this in mind.

What’s the Goal?

Search Engine Watch offers some very good insight into why social media should be used as a tool. Among the most significant is the fact that the website that you actually own is a destination over which you have complete control. You can use it to get people to buy products outright, to sign up for other avenues of information – such as newsletters – and for any other purpose that you wish. This is not true on social media, where what you may use the service for is dictated by the terms of service to which you agreed when you signed up for the social media account.

The goal should be getting people to go to your website. This puts you in control and it sets up your brand as something people are genuinely interested in; at least interested enough to go to your website. Remember: even though people may be easily engaged on social media it doesn’t mean that the engagement is anything except for casual. They may just be looking at your posts because they are there, not because they have any particular interest in what they are about.

The Superiority of Your Site

Consider for a minute the differences between your website and a social media account used by one of your followers. On their social media account, your followers see a list of constantly updated stories that push each story farther down the list as new stories are posted. There’s really nothing keeping your story in front of their eyes and, in fact, your story may only be there for a few seconds if the user in question happens to be very active on social media.

On your website, you very much control the content and you can keep whatever you want in front of your customer’s eyes. If you want an important blog post to stay available at the top of the page for a week, that is not hard to accomplish. That same goal is virtually impossible on a social media site. By utilizing tools such as WordPress themes and other advanced webpage authoring and management tools, you can share information between your domain and your social media site, ensuring that there is a consistency of message. Only on your own site, however, can you control the duration for which that message will remain on the most desirable screen real estate.

The End Result

Ultimately, you do want to make sales off your social media profile. You can’t sell anything on Facebook or Twitter. You can, however, sell things off your website. If very ornate explanations of why your website is more important than your social media profiles tend just to make you more confused, remember this. Your website gives you the power to sell. Your social media profile gives you another way to entice. Understand what each of these tools is appropriate for and you’ll soon understand the value of both. Those values may be very different, but they are both significant.

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is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a web studio that creates original WordPress templates, that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology tips.

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