Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page?

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In this interesting infographic "Portrait of a linked in User 2013 Edition" by Power Forumla and Liz Carver Design, we see that over 75% of those surveyed use LinkedIn to research a company and people. Presumably, the primary reason people use LinkedIn for company research is for employment and increasing potential business opportunities. However, over 60% of the survey participants do NOT have a LinkedIn business page.

Image source:: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success | Social Profiles

The short of long is if you don't have a "Company" page on LinkedIn you are missing a free opportunity to increase your brand exposure and gain new followers.

Additionally, we have found that in some cases, especially when a website is new or needing optimization, a LINKED IN company page can out rank a company website in the organic search results and produce more business than the parent website.

With that in mind, we found a couple tutorials about creating a LinkedIn Company page you may find useful.

1) Official LInkedIn Tutorial

2) YouTube video by From


3) Slide Share tutorial by Jan Willem Alphenaar

Step by Step tutorial on creating your LinkedIn Company page by @jwalphenaar from Jan willem Alphenaar

*Once you've created your LinkedIn company page, be sure to add a link to it from your website and add it to your page here on