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Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page?

In this interesting infographic "Portrait of a linked in User 2013 Edition" by Power Forumla and Liz Carver Design, we see that over 75% of those surveyed use LinkedIn to research a company and people. Presumably, the primary reason people use LinkedIn for company research is for employment and increasing potential business opportunities. However, over 60% of the survey participants do NOT have a LinkedIn business page.

How many users have a linked in business page

Image source:: PowerFormula for Linkedin Success | Social Profiles

The short of long is if you don't have a "Company" page on LinkedIn you are missing a free opportunity to increase your brand exposure and gain new followers.

Additionally, we have found that in some cases, especially when a website is new or needing optimization, a LINKED IN company page can out rank a company website in the organic search results and produce more business than the parent website.

With that in mind, we found a couple tutorials about creating a LinkedIn Company page you may find useful.

1) Official LInkedIn Tutorial

2) YouTube video by From LocalPulseMarketing.com


3) Slide Share tutorial by Jan Willem Alphenaar

*Once you've created your LinkedIn company page, be sure to add a link to it from your website and add it to your page here on SocialProfiles.us.


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