SEO for doctors

The best physicians prize the opportunity to spend time one on one with their patients, getting to know their own personal needs. Unfortunately, in today’s healthcare environment, most physicians are so busy they simply do not have as much time as they would like for their much needed and sought after personal consultation with their clients. The various demands of seeing a full slate of patients, plus the myriad of daily tasks and a full load of responsibilities required of a doctor when not in consultation, can certainly deprive both the doctors and patients from having more of an opportunity for their much needed private and personal one on one communication.

Although time at the physician’s office is very precious and often quite brief, maintaining a blog on your medical practice’s online website is one way for you to open up many more opportunities for the much needed personal communication with your current patients as well as your future potential patients. Through having a blog for your medical practice, you are able to effectively share your important information with your patients about recent developments in your specific field of medicine, or perhaps about new treatment availabilities, or even procedures you may come to offer in the future. Blog posts are also a great way to share useful healthy living tips with your current patients.

A blog may also offer a modern as well as an efficient way for your patients to reach out to you. Blogs can provide a very private and discrete forum for various questions, constructive feedback, suggestions, as well as concerns that your patients may have, but may feel more or less uncomfortable expressing them together with you in person. A blog also gives your online visitors a more “private” space on a website, separate from the advertising and solicitation of various services that typically is the focus of the home page of today’s most commercial medical industry sites.

In addition to having your blog serve forth as a gateway for patient - physician online forum of communication, maintaining your website’s blog can actually and quite significantly raise your online profile and increase your online search visibility. An active online blog, when updated regularly with various industry or medical practice relevant information, relevant articles, and outbound links, can improve your website’s search engine rankings in today’s popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That means when a patient searches online for physicians in your specific medical field, your name is more likely to appear at the very top of the list.

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