Where is SEO headed?

Where is SEO headed?

Where Is SEO headed?

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO), used to be simple. You could spam away, with automated bots, and SEO was essentially a competition. The person who could spam the most, would be on page 1, and in the top positions. This was as a result of Google not “holding links against you.” The policy was, a low quality link wouldn’t hurt you, it just wouldn’t give you credit. With the release of the Penguin algorithm, this changed. Now, low quality links hurt you, and can prevent you from ranking well. In certain cases, you can even get a manual penalty as a result of excessive low quality backlinks. Even amidst all these algorithmic changes, the future of SEO is extremely clear. The emphasis is now on high quality Search Engine Optimization techniques. That means having not just “good,” websites, but instead having amazing websites. It means thinking about how to improve the user experience, thereby improving time spent on the website. It means building a user friendly navigation system on your website, and thereby making it easier for your users.

But, ultimately, and more importantly, it means making sure your backlinking is done properly. You can always change your on-site optimization, but your backlinks, for the most part, are permanent. Pick each, and every backlink, carefully. Don’t have one backlink more than necessary.

In certain case studies we observed, it’s become amazingly clear, a smaller yet higher PR backlink profile, can successfully outcompete, big, and bloated, link profiles. In one case study we did, we observed SEO done on a website, and saw it appear on page 1 of a keyword with merely 300 high quality PR2 and above backlinks. Many of the other competitors on page 1 had ten’s of thousands of links, yet a domain with simply 300 links was able to outcompete all of them. The future is clear – less is more. One more important and upcoming trend, is the importance of social media, and social profiles.

While backlinks are great, they can be manipulated, we all know this. Those with deep pockets, like Fortune 500 brands, can easily manipulate search engine rankings, with little to no efforts, and by simply throwing money at the problem. While backlinks are a great way of calculating SEO results, it’s not a perfect system when it comes to search engine optimization. The next level when it comes to SEO will be, what we’d like to call, “social media acknowledgement,” or rather – social media backlinks. Search engines like Google want to show users the most credible/relevant results to a user query. What could be more relevant than what those in social realm are acknowledging? It’s increasingly becoming apparent, that social media mentions, are more and more important. What’s becoming equally important, though, is the concept of “social media profiles.”

Say a Pulitzer author creates a social profile, like on Google plus, and writes frequently for many different places. Wouldn’t having a mention from the Google plus profile of such an author, lend credibility to your blog? I think it would. The reason Google plus is important, is because it allowed Google to include social mentions, done on Google plus, into the algorithmic equation when deciding search engine rankings.

While SEO companies on page 1 of Google, like Soni Consultants, can help you get high rankings, its increasingly apparent, that you need more than just SEO – you need “social media proof.” In order to get this social media proof, your product, and service, needs to be legitimate, and verified by other users.