How to guarantee your business will be found in local search engines

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How to guarantee your business will be found in local search engines Signals!

Guest blog by Henry H. Hernandez | Connect on Google+ | Visit his website:

Local search data signals that is. There are many other sources for traffic other than Google directly. There are also other search engines such as Yellow Pages, yelp, citygrid and the like. Dallas SEO states These “1-off” local search engines can have a significant amount of traffic waiting for your business. Dependent upon your market, this may be the ticket you’ve been looking for to help your chances in being found in local search.

We will start this piece off with some relevancy signals you’ll want to keep in mind while dealing with each local search site’s algorithm. Remember, they each have their own and some might be worth looking more in-depth at. Ensure proper information is entered for the following data signals:

  • Your business name
  • The business category
  • Keywords associated with your website, product, or service
  • Proper business description
  • Services you offer
  • Relating to an association (or not) with a national or regional chain
  Were you the popular kid in high school? No? While now is your chance! Except this is revenue we’re talking about. Let’s discuss some Popularity signals: Write your content as to increase click through ratios. Have a higher CTR than others and you’ll get ranked higher (in 90% of organic listings) Have positive and a great number of reviews and ratings. You’ll want to incentivize if you have to, but get your current clients or customers to give you raving reviews! Ensure there is a place to “like” or “check in” to as to increase your visibility. i.e. foursquare! Make sure there are some users creating user generated content on your behalf. Questions, comments, concerns from future, past, or present clients will work just fine.  
  • City center distance signals matching your locale.
  • Increase your proximity service areas
  • Customize your results for web and mobile
  • Compete for a listing that has the least amount of competition (at least in the beginning until you get your feet wet)
  • Geo targeted searching. Try and include your GEO location for each listing.
  What is the value of your advertiser? Money, money, money! At the end of the day we all want to make a ROI from our efforts and budgets. If you feel you can benefit from utilizing an advertisers in house system, THEN GO FOR IT! Here are some signals to look out for:
  • Levels of advertising – i.e. paying more for increased visibility (higher listings)
  • Ability to bid on keywords – critical. Do your keyword research. A great tool is wordtracker.
  • Create extra deals and coupons.
  • Double check your listing for quality. You’ll want to stand out and not put the same jargon every other advertiser on their network is spewing out.
  Lastly, if you take anything out of this article take this: If you haven’t already done so you’ll need to go and claim your local listings in all major relevant local search engines. This is a must for 3 reasons: 1. Increased visibility 2. Increased rankings in national search engines with local features 3. Get it before someone claims they are you and ruin your reputation.