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How to Attract and Retain Visitors with Good Web Design

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How to Attract and Retain Visitors with Good Web Design

How to Attract and Retain Visitors with Good Web Design
Guest blog by www.piercecommunications.co.uk

There are many factors that go into the development of a good website, and this makes the topic of web design hot and very dynamic. Everyone creates a website to inform the masses, this is why websites are designed to attract and retain visitors. But how exactly do you do that and what principles come into force to ensure that your website is quality, friendly, easy to use, relevant and stylish?

We all know that things like web design is a very subjective thing since not everyone likes the same things in a design. However, there are some simple "rules" that you can follow to endure that just about everyone that lands on your web site staicks around and takes in the content that you are providing for them.

If you want to know the simple web design tips to attract and retain visitors, read on to find out.

Web design rule #1: Simplicity:

One thing you will notice with the leading websites on the internet is that they are very simple. A cluttered disorganized and complicated site confuses visitors and they will definitely lose patience and move on to find something better, make sure that as much as your site should be simple, it must also be attractive and unique, not just a plain white background and black times new roman font text.

Web design rule #2: Quiet:

As tempting as it may be, never have music or sounds playing in the background when the page loads. Most people do not expect this, even if it is a radio website. People should have the option to turn music on if they want to and should have controls to control the volume when they want to.

Using background streaming music like this will also slow your site down as it is loading and could cause the visitor to become frustrated while the site slowly loads.

Web design Rule #3: No automatic popups:

Popups are very irritating, no matter how harmless they can be. They will often look for the [X] on the window as soon as they see the popup and may even disable them completely on their browsers. Popups lower the popularity of the page and the site in general and should be avoided.

Web design rule #4: Consider all browsers:

Make your site friendly to all browsers. Many people use internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Ensure that your website displays and performs properly with all these browsers and any other browsers that people often use to browse.

Web design rule #5: Drop Flash!

Flash websites are attractive, interactive and trendy. But they are also heavy, takes time to load, may not perform well with all computers and are not search engine friendly. A visitor will most likely leave the page if requested to install a flash player and instead go to another site, most likely your competitors’. Never let this happen, don’t use flash.

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