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Facebooks baby steps in search

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Facebook’s baby steps in search
Guest Blog by Foob Inc

Facebook unveiled a very much anticipated service in its latest news release. Graph Search is Facebook’s first attempt at building a search engine; however, the way Graph Search operates is not quite the same as Google or Bing.

Investors and the media saw “Facebook search” coming a long time ago. However, nobody knew what shape or form it would take. Many were guessing that Facebook could make use of its massive information on Like data and user profiles to build a customized, socially driven search engine that rivaled Google. The actual result, of Facebook’s first shot at the market, may be a tad disappointing for that group of people.

Mark Zuckerberg told the world that Facebook search was already in the works a few months ago and he revealed that his vision of search was a question-answer type service instead of a keyword driven, information seeking machine. That vision has now become a reality and it is already being test-driven by a few hundred users, before it is released to the general public.

Facebook’s legacy search bar has always been hard to use and nobody has ever made much sense of the way results were being ranked. The new Facbook search engine will return results by utilizing open graph and Facebook data from your network of friends and the from Facebook as a whole.

In its current shape and form, Graph Search is not a rival of Google, although it will compete in specific niches like Restaurants and other local services. Graph Search allows users to search for people, places, photos and interests.

Facebook has definitely played on its strengths and is looking to offer solutions and answers that probably no-other company could by utilizing its knowledge of social circles, and large pool of Like recommendations.

Although both Facebook users and investors were looking forward to Facebook making a move in the search arena, it remains to be seen how this move will play out in the long-term.

Author bio: Foob Inc is a company that offers free, customizable Facebook covers for users as well as branded Facebook Cover creators for companies.

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