SEO and PPC - A Good Combo

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SEO and PPC - A Good Combo
Guest blog by Flaunt Digital

If you have just started up a website or the one that you have isn’t pulling in enough visitors to make it cost effective then understandably you will start to look into various solutions to bring in the views. There are two main methods for doing that, the first is Search Engine Optimization and he second is PPC, or Pay per Click Advertising. The former method is the most cost effective but it has a number of downsides, the major one being that it could take many months to start seeing results. The latter however will bring you results almost instantly. Let me explain what this is all about.

So what exactly is PPC? Well, have you ever noticed those adverts at the top of the page when searching on search engines such as Google? Those adverts are part of a Google Ad Campaign known as ‘AdWords’.  The people that have devised this particular advertising campaign have selected keywords in their campaign which means that they adverts will only be displayed if somebody types those words into the search engine. A payment only needs to be made if somebody clicks one of these adverts. This is completely different to other forms of advertising where you need to pay, whether you end up with a lead or not.

The idea of PPC is that you ‘bid’ on specific keywords. The more competitive the keyword is, the more money that you will pay for it. In most PPC Campaigns you will be able to adjust the amount of money that you wish to spend a day. This means that even the smaller companies will be able to compete with the ‘big guys’ when it comes to online marketing. The goal of anybody running a PPC campaign will be to reduce the cost of getting clicks on keywords whilst maximizing potential revenue. There are a number of different methods to this and you need to get a careful blend of them to be successful in your campaigns.

One of the biggest benefits of Paid Search is that it is very cost effective. If the keywords are selected well then you will only be targeting people who have a chance of purchasing from your website. There is no other marketing method out there which is as targeted. Therefore with a well-planned campaign you are in for a pretty decent return on your investment.

When people start to get ranked in the search engines due to their SEO efforts they tend to hold back on their PPC campaign as they believe it isn’t money being well spent. However, this is not suggested. Instead you should find somebody to evaluate your campaign and make changes. One of the huge benefits of Paid Search is that you will be able to rank in the top spots of a search engine for terms which aren’t possible on anything but the largest SEO budget. This means that you could potentially be pulling customers away from your larger competitors. If you offer them a good service then it is highly likely that you have gained a customer for life.

As you can see, investing in Pay per Click Advertising is one of the best methods for getting your website exposure online during the early days. If you are not carrying the PPC out in house however it is suggested that you only use a professional team to do the work for you. That way you can be sure that your marketing budget is being spent in the best possible way.