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How to create a custom facebook cover

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How to add a custom Facebook cover.
Author - Michael Zittel

Adding a Facebook cover to your personal or business page is easy. Let's see how it's done.

First, prepare an image that is 851 pixels high by 315 pixels tall.

*Note: If your cover is for a business page we recommend that your include a PHONE NUMBER, if you want people to call your business direct. And, or, include an arrow to your "LIKE" button. This is particularly important if you are are offering something via a fan gate, which is an excellent way to increase your "likes" and engage your audience.

Official Facebook Cover Photo specs

Warning: No images in specified directory. Please check the directoy!

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IMPORTANT: Remember that a FACEBOOK COVER will have a PROFILE PICTURE, which should be 180x180 square. However, it will be reduced by Facebook to 160x60 and cover a portion of your cover photo near the lower left corner. FB will mask 10 pixels around the image and add a light gray border to the profile picture.

See first image in the gallery above to see ours with the PROFILE PICTURE.

The TOP of the profile picture will be 210 pixels from the top of your cover photo. It will also be indented 23 pixels from the left hand edge. Offical FB specs

Now, assuming you already have a Facebook page or profile, hover over the lower right corner of your current FB cover or the blank space where your new cover will be. A "change cover" button will appear. Click it.

You be asked to choose an existing photo from your albums, or to UPLOAD a photo. Since we just made a custom image, choose upload.

Navigate to the place on your local computer hard drive and select the photo you made. click UPLOAD.

Walla! Your new cover is in place. There are options to adjust position via "drag and drop" but if you followed this tutorial you shouldn't have to. The image should be perfectly placed already.

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