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Happy Birthday Google Panda

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Artemis Marketing

Happy Birthday Google Panda

Guest blog by Artemis Marketing

Happy Birthday Google Panda
This week saw the two year anniversary of Google’s first major Panda update to its algorithm. The update has become infamous for the wide ranging variety of websites that it affected, penalising those that were deemed to have only low quality content. It is fair to say the SEO industry was rocked by this huge algorithmic change and many search marketing experts were left scratching their heads as to the best way to combat plummeting rankings as a result of the update.
Now, two years later, has the world gotten over Google’s Panda update? Well first up it’s worth noting that Panda has become a series of algorithmic updates and at the last count there were a total of 24 different releases so it wasn’t a bomb that got dropped and left to fester. Rather it could be likened to a long term carpet bombing campaign in a war waged on content-light poor quality websites.

A great many sites that were initially affected by Google’s Panda updates have been forced to shut down or just been left to rot in obscurity because their very existence had been called into question. Webmasters who had been deliberately gaming the system to reap the rewards of valuable high position Google search rankings suddenly found that their whole business model was now flawed. And what’s more, trying to seek out the next loophole to sneak under Google’s radar was unlikely to see any dividends thanks to the fact that recovery from a Panda related penalty was a long and drawn out process that could only be achieved through patience and hard work.

Whilst many online marketing professionals may curse the Panda series of updates and how it has affected SEO the fact remains that if you were doing things the right way in the first place, you were only ever going to see a benefit from the Panda updates. As each update hit, vast numbers of low quality “spammy” sites were completely obliterated from the search engine results, meaning more room for the spam-free high quality sites serving a purpose more noble than those deliberately engineered to profit from the traffic that comes from high volume search terms.

So whilst plenty of SEO folk will show nothing but disdain for the Panda name, I am going to be raising a glass to toast its birthday. After all, in a world where content is king it’s nice to have validation that what you’re doing is the right way to do things.

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