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Is your website mobile?

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Move over to mobile

Is your website mobile?

Guest blog by moveovertomobile.co.uk

If you want your business to survive with leads generated through your traditional website you are going to be in for an uphill struggle in 2013. The popularity of smartphones is great for the telecoms industry but why could it have a major effect on your own offline business?

Google has stated that over half of the visitors to your website will come from a smartphone by the end of this year. If you haven't optimized your site for this kind of visitor you may well be losing them to your competitors. Traditional websites are not designed for this new technology, the content is hard to read and the coding makes them slow to load.

For these reasons many large companies such as Facebook, CNN and Google have developed mobile versions of their website. These mobile websites have been designed to load quickly and have an easy to use interface for their users. Due to the success of these mobile websites smaller offline companies have started to use the same concept in order to attract new clients for the services that they offer.

Some interesting statistics have been gathered by some of the worlds largest companies with regards to the emergence of mobile internet usage

  • 40% of UK adults regularly browse the internet with a mobile device. - Communication Market Report
  • Over 10% of internet hits from the United Kingdom performed with a mobile browser. This is a rise of over 60% on the previous12 months (6.7%) and 4 times higher than 2 years previous (2.7%). - gs.statcounter.com
  • A third of mobile internet searches on Google are for local businesses and services. Diana Pouliot, Director of Mobile Advertising, Google
  • Mobile users are 3.4 times more likely to click on a mobile search result rather than a desktop web page result. - mobilecommerce.co.uk
  • 70% of UK users have taken action (made an order, reservation or called the business) after looking up local content using the internet on their mobile phone. Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer
  • 42% of mobile internet users have a household income in excess of 40,000 a year Essential Research

The mobile internet is here to stay and offline businesses need to combine mobile website design with their desktop version of their website to compete in their chosen field. Standing still is not an option for businesses relying on leads from the internet to survive.

If you own a business that creates leads through an online presence you need to invest in a mobile website designer in order to maximize your return. Do not lose potential clients to companies that have decided that a mobile website is an essential part of their online arsenal.

A great company available to help you create a great mobile website is moveovertomobile.co.uk. They can deliver the final version and setup the necessary mobile re-direct scripts within 48 hours. If you prefer to have your mobile site hosted separately from your desktop website they can provide that as well for a competitive price.

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