Maryland Accountant Worse MOZ rating but better SEO ranking?

Maryland Accountant Worse MOZ rating but better SEO ranking?

Maryland Accountant Worse MOZ rating but better SEO ranking?

In this free SEO audit of two accounting firms in Annapolis Maryland, we started by searching in private mode on Firefox for the search phrase "Annapolis Accountant." In the top ten we found a website called They were ranked number 3, though not in Google maps. One the second page we found, (SERP 11) which is a seemingly a larger, more established website.

Curiously, the better ranked had the lower MOZ ratings.

DA: 22
Domain Trust Score: 4.38
Back Links: 36 from 13 root domains.
Back Link Spam Score: 3

Compare that to Moz rating of:

DA: 25
Trust Score: 4.5
Back Links: 71 from 19 domains
Backlink Spam Score: 1

On the surface, it seems like should out rank, but it does not.

Why does the lower MOZ rated site have better SERP?

Without full access to either site, we speculate it comes down to content, a couple technical SEO errors by, probably a lack of diversity of backlinks, site name, age and Google map reviews.

First, still uses the meta keyword tag with the following keywords "accounting, consulting, HeimLantz, Alexandria, VA, Annapolis, MD". Google ignores the meta keyword tag and we believe they may consider it spam like Bing does. does not use the meta keyword tag at all, which is the more recent "best practice". They also have the old school advantage of having some keyword density in their domain name. Normally, we not recommend this anymore, but that domain was first established in 2000 while was created in 2002. Domain age and longevity does have some weight in the Google search algorithm.

Second, and probably more importantly, has a home page text/html ratio of 47% vs which only has 17% on the home page.

In truth, scores a bit better on the home page technical seo audit with 12 passing data points our of 22, while only had 7 passing data points and 5 errors.

So is content that important? Yes. As they say, CONTENT IS KING.

Additionally, employs an old school, spammy technique in their blog. They summarize numerous articles from authority sites, then link to the authority site. This would be OK if their summaries were more substantive. Unfortunately, they are lite weight and of little value. Compare this to which doesn't even have a blog, but their service pages are well populated with unique, well written informative content.

And, the last observation we made is Google Maps. seems to have claimed their Google map listing and populated it with some basic information such as custom photos. Conversely, does not seem to have claimed their Google map listing for Annapolis. Also, has multiple reviews with an average rating of 4.0 while has no reviews.

SEO Recommendation:
With the limited data available we recommend that expand their home page, services pages and blog content significantly. They need to provide real value and information on their website. Since they have, seemingly, a large network of accountants it should be fairly easy to publish meaningful content by experts. Additionally, they should claim their Google map listing and ask clients for Google Map reviews. Also, they should utilize mark up to enhance their content, at the very least for a local address. We also recommend they conduct a deep dive back link competitor audit to see where their competitors are getting back links and then try to get links and citations from the same sources and others of high quality. And, finally, they should stop using the meta keyword tag ASAP.


Under the fair use doctrine, we have reviewed the website in this report from a technical SEO point of view. All statements and recommendations expressed in this publication are that of LLC and are OPINION and NOT statements of fact.