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HBM gives a shout out to Brent Terhune for ESB

Hamburger Man, HBM, gives a shout out to comedian Brent Terhune, a like minded libtard redneck, for coining the phrase emotional support beer.  HBM likes it very much and shall be using it in his daily life. Enjoy.


You can watch this video on YouTube and Vimeo


Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Animated Spokesperson

Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Bizarre Animated Spokesperson

Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Fast Talkin' Wilson. No relation to Wilson From Castaway with Tom Hanks, though our foreheads are similar. You've already figured out why they call me Fast Talkin'. I am animated spokesperson. I help companies make an impact with their video marketing due to my eye catching bizarreness, and high pitched voice. Plus, I am witty with a dry sarcasm. In today's world of bad "selfie" videos, you need to catch peoples attention and stand out in the crowd. That's where I come in. You are watching me. Why? I caught your attention, or your device auto-played me, in which case, never mind. But for you deliberate "watcher", you already know how I work. So, if you want Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson to be your spokesperson, view the details below and I will get You noticed. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time.

HBM replies to Heather Land game of thrones

HBM, Hamburger Man, replies to Heather Land and her refusal to watch the final season of Game Of Thrones. From the things she said you know she watched the series. Ha!  And, besides, who doesn't like the metaphor of a womyn riding a dragon in this era of #metoo? Enjoy. For context you might want to watch Heather's rant first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIOIcnGnSjk. Enjoy.


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