HBM Reviews commercial power washer in Linthicum Heights, Maryland

Commercial Power Washer Video Review

The Review

Hey. It's Hamburger Man. Hope ya'll doin' good. So, over the weekend, I got ta go see my twin brother, up there in Annapolis, Maryland. He's a yuppie. Not a bad guy, but a yuppie. Good thing too. Cause, if it was up to HBM, I'ld still be walking there, but I'm already home cause he bought me a round trip ticket. See, told you he was a good guy. He went down the smart path when it diverged in the Frost woods, and well, as you probably guess, I took the other path. Anyway, we caught some fish, drowned some worms, drank some beer. And after, I volunteered to help clean the boat. And boy, did it need cleaning. Barncles and slime all over the place. Why it was so dirty I dunno. Damn fool brothers got all the toys a boy could want including, this beast of power washer from Dirt Killers in Lithicum Heights Maryland. Whew. It was a commercial grade beast all the big boys use, you know what I'm sayin'? This thing was like holdin' a primordial water cannon from hell. I was blastin' away at barncles and slime and they was flyin' off like oak leaves in hurricane. And, then, I decided to crank that cannon up all the way and test it on my foot.  That was a mistake. Fortunately, I had my steel toed boots on, and that power washer ripped the leather off and shined up the steel so bright I could see my smilin face, which aint so pretty, which you well know. Whew-we! What a beast. So, what I'm sayin' is. If you need yourself a commercial power washer, you got to give Dirt Killers in Lithicum Heights Maryland a call. They got the best testosterone water cannon power washers I've ever used. Well, that's all I got. You have yourself a nice day.

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