Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Animated Spokesperson

Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Bizarre Animated Spokesperson

Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Fast Talkin' Wilson. No relation to Wilson From Castaway with Tom Hanks, though our foreheads are similar. You've already figured out why they call me Fast Talkin'. I am animated spokesperson. I help companies make an impact with their video marketing due to my eye catching bizarreness, and high pitched voice. Plus, I am witty with a dry sarcasm. In today's world of bad "selfie" videos, you need to catch peoples attention and stand out in the crowd. That's where I come in. You are watching me. Why? I caught your attention, or your device auto-played me, in which case, never mind. But for you deliberate "watcher", you already know how I work. So, if you want Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson to be your spokesperson, view the details below and I will get You noticed. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time.

Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Bizarre Animated Spokesperson - 1930's radio announcer character

Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson - Bizarre Animated Spokesperson from Michael Zittel on Vimeo.

 Also available on YouTube >>

How it works:
You order gig and provide a script up to 150 words.
We record the voice over and animate Ted
We deliver Ted on green screen, white, or black background.
You review.
We allow for one round of edits if needed.
We send final video via the cloud.

Custom solutions:
If you require full customization with original script, motion graphics, back ground images, logos, text overlays, music, wardrobe, contact us to discuss and will give you a quote.

Videos are delivered in HD 1920x1080 mp4, wmv or AVI.

Final video will contain credits at the end.

Copyright and usage
Fast Talkin' Ted Wilson is a copyrighted character created by LLC. He may be used only as the final video(s). He may not be used in any other capacity for any other reason, whether in original or derivative form. Clients receive unlimited usage, as in clients may use the final video online, tv, etc for no additional expense. If client received a GREEN SCREEN version, they may add Ted to their final product with custom logos, graphics, etc. However, final version delivered must remain intact. Script, animation and character may not be altered. Client may NOT use the character in any other capacity than the final product. LLC retains 100% copyright Ad infinitum.