Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!

Annapolis SEO - St Michaels - Success!


Yesterday, as I mentioned in a previous post, we created a web marketing video for our client Because of the way we structured the clients social network of primary and secondary profiles, the video, in literally 10 minutes, made it's way to the top of Google for the search term "St Michaels sandals". Now, before we toot our horn to loud, lets be honest. "St Michaels Sandals" is a very, hyper-local search term. Being number one for that term is not going to help my client buy a yatch. However, it is a start. Over time, the as we build more web marketing videos for the client, combined with social media optimization and on-site technical seo of their site (, which we have not done yet, the video, the website and their related social profiles should have a steady increase of organic traffic for, at least, St Michaels MD related search terms.

Watch the Annapolis SEO - St Michaels video directly at YouTube here.

Update 3-7-2016.

Over the weekend, the actual YouTube video in question dropped out of the top ten, but the clients FB page, which also has the video on its wall, is number one for the search term. And, the clients Google Map page is also listed with a premium position. Interesting.