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Google Local Business Cards coming soon

Google SEO - Local Business Cards coming soon

Google Local Business Cards coming soon?

According to an article by Greg Sterling over at Search Engine Land, Google is experimenting with select local businesses to now show a Local Business Card directly in the search results related to the brand using the tool. The tool is, apparently, the same as the one used for the Candidate Card, which Google released back in January 2016. An example of how the "card" information displays can be seen by searching "Healthy Choice Massage". Ahealthychoicemassage, a small local business in Lincoln, NE not only shows up as the standard business listing to the right of the search results, but now also has a carousal of specific posts they made using the tool. Cool. Evidently, the tool will not only allow for static images, but animated gifs, video and text messages up to 14,400 characters. Currently, this tool is only available to select business and there is no clear why to get on a waiting list or any indication if the tool will become a permanent function. However, if it does become available to the public, this will be an excellent opportunity for small business owners to further control, to a degree, what is seen in the search results regarding their brand. Additionally, it may also help Google increase its social network market share. We'll see.

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