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How do I view Facebook business page news feeds

How do I view Facebook business page news feeds?

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How do I view Facebook business page news feeds?

Yesterday, 3/30/16, Facebook made a change to how a business page manager see the news feeds of the pages your brand is following. Unfortunately, Facebook did not bother to make any sort of announcement about this that we could find. After grinding our teeth for a few hours and searching all about, we found a solution. But, first, here is the problem specifically. Prior to 3/30/16, a person just had to switch from being themselves to their brand identity as normal by going to the page manager channel and "logging" in as the brand identity. Then, the brand page would come up and the social brand manager could then just click 'home' and view the social updates of the pages they were following as their brand identity. Not anymore. The LOGIN and the HOME links are gone. Don't freak out. Just switch over and then scroll down and look over to the left. You'll see a link called "View Pages Feed". Just click that and proceed as normal.

Watch video directly on Youtube here.

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