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Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Connect Google Analytics to Adwords

Learn how to connect Google Analytics and views to Your Adwords Account

Question: How do I link my Adwords account to my Google Analytics account and have it show up in multiple views?

Requirements: Must have a Google Adwords account as well as a Google Analytics account that use the SAME email address. You must also have EDIT permissions for the Google Analytics account you want to connect.



First, log into your Google Adwords account.

Second, using the SAME google account, log into your Google Analytics account in a separate window or tab.
In the ADMIN > Properties channel > Select Adwords Linking. Google automatically pulls in your ADWORDS account id which you will see on the next page.

Third, change the name of your Linked Adwords account if you like and select which VIEWS you want the Adwords data to show up in. Save.

Double check the data in the confirmation page.

In about 24 hours you will be able to see adwords data in your Google Analytics > Reports > Acquisitions > Adwords control panel.