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AdobeAir Popup Bug Fix

AdobeAir Popup Bug Fix

The problem:

Today I was testing out a new piece of software that utulizes Adobe Air. I had an old version of Adobe Air install on my Windows 7 64 bit machine. After installing the new software, every time I tried to launch the software, I was asked via pop up to AGREE to the Adobe Air License. After numerous attempts, uninstalling, re-installing the most recent version, restarting the computer, trying out Windows little MicrosoftFixit app, nothing worked. Finally, I find a post on Adobe forums via a Google search of course, and found the answer. It's super simple.

Watch at Youtube

The solution:

Navigate to the following file.


Open the file in notepad. If it is blank, just add a 3, save and close.

Walla, all of my applications that need Adobe Air now work!

Sweet! I love when I find a solution.

Computer Chip Bug Image by Brian Searle - Creative Commons

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