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Naptown.Today Pokemon Go Map Annapolis Maryland

Naptown.Today Pokemon Go Map Annapolis Maryland

Yesterday we ready a pretty solid article about using Pokemon Go for local retail marketing. In short, unless you are a pre-designated Pokestore or PokeGym, you have to set up "Incense", which has a small fee. However, it's fairly simple and very cost effective according to the article, which you can read here.

Though we have yet to try this for any of our retail customers, or ourself (We don't have a retail space - It would darn akward to have a bunch of Pokemon Trainers wandering around our office looking for Pokemons), we did to decide some other aspects of the Pokemon Go phenomona. Our first approach is to build a custom Google Map for our side project Naptown.today. In short, as we find pokemon around Annapolis, MD, we take screen shots and add them not only to the custom Pokemon Go Annapolis, MD Google Map, we also add them as stand alone images to a new channel on Naptown.today. Furthermore, we have made the map public and invited the local area players to tweet us their captures and locations.

Since this brand new, we have no data to share yet, but once we have some data, and the map grows, we'll post an update.

Anyone else trying creative marketing ideas with Pokemon Go? Please do reach out and let us know how it's going.

Here's a video we made for Naptown.today along with a link to the map. Enjoy.

Note: To help build the Naptown Pokemon Go Map, tweet to @naptowntoday #pokemonnaptown

Watch video at Youtube >>

Here's a link directly to the Google Pokemon Go Annapolis, MD Map >>

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