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Maryland Youtube SEO Success!

Maryland Youtube SEO Success!

Hey there, this is Michael from Serr.biz in Annapolis Maryland, and I just want to point out another Maryland Youtube SEO marketing success. Last week, with the Pokemon Go craze, I made a custom Google Map of where my son and I have found Pokemon in Annapolis. Additionally, I made a simple Youtube video and a Pokemon channel on Naptown.today. After pushing the video and related blog post out through a branded social network, the custom Google Map, Video, Channel on Naptown.today and even a couple of the related graphics I made are all in the top ten of Google for the following search terms:

"Pokemon Go Annapolis Map"
"Pokemon Annapolis Map"
"Pokemon Maryland Map"

Pretty cool and pretty fast. So, if you need help with your Youtube SEO marketing, or general search engine optimization, feel free to give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss how I can help you grow through SEO.

Watch video at Youtube..