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Annapolis Photography - Mill Creek 2016

Annapolis Photography - Mill Creek 2016

Last week I took a quick boating trip up Mill Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. We visited Cantler's Riverside Inn for lunch I got a few good blue crab photos as wells as a few moments while on the water. A couple of these images have been accepted over at ShutterStock.com. Just follow this link: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Michael+Zittel. The others are available for reprint upon request. Just give me a call if you want to use any of the photography in graphic design or for personal use. Enjoy.

  • millcreekaugust-10
  • millcreekaugust-11
  • millcreekaugust-12
  • millcreekaugust-13
  • millcreekaugust-14
  • millcreekaugust-15
  • millcreekaugust-2
  • millcreekaugust-3
  • millcreekaugust-4
  • millcreekaugust-5
  • millcreekaugust-6
  • millcreekaugust-7
  • millcreekaugust-8
  • millcreekaugust-9
  • millcreekaugust

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