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3 Appraiser Videos - Maryland SEO company

3 Appraiser Videos - Maryland SEO company success!

3 New Appraiser Videos - Maryland SEO company success!

Over the weekend we published three new antique appraisal videos for our client Peenstra Antique Appraisals. You can see the videos below and be sure to check out the related blog posts on the Peenstra blog.

Additionally, we please to announce the videos have already gained top ten seo positioning for the following terms:

"Antique Appraisal Easton" (Look for the Inkwell video.)
"traveling appraiser show" (Look for the Grand Oaks, Washington DC video)
"Belter furniture appraisal" (Look for the Belter Appraisal video.)

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Inkwell Appraisal in Easton, MD - At the Fall Home Expo Peenstra appriased an antique inkwell..

Traveling Appraiser Show Washington DC - Overview / summary of a traveling appraiser show Peenstra did in Washington..

John Henry Belter Chair Appraisal, Easton Maryland - Appraisal of a Belter chair by Todd Peenstra at the Fall Home Expo..