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NYC Xmas Photos

NYC Xmas Photos

Today, I had a good lunch meeting with Jospeh McElroy from Galileo Tech Media at Bare Burger in the East Village, NYC. Here are some NYC Xmas photos from the walk there and back. Most of the xmas related photos were taken on 9th street near the Path Station. Enjoy.

  • nyc-xmas-walk-0576
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0580
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0583
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0598
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0602
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0603
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0606
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0607
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0609
  • nyc-xmas-walk-0613

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Here is a video montage with music

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